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3 Huge Benefits of Regular Exercise


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Gym training can be tedious and boring, which makes getting fit incredibly hard for some people. This can be especially difficult if you’re getting into exercise again after years of none at all, but there are certainly options to keep your motivation up. You can switch up your activities, find personal trainers, or join a class. By 2030, about 50% of all American adults will be obese, and this is largely due to the fact that less than 5% are getting in 30 minutes of activity per day. Check out a few reasons exercise is so important.

Better Sleep

Those who exercise regularly are known to experience much better and deeper sleep. Exercise also helps the body regulate itself, which is beneficial for sleep. If you have trouble sleeping already, try exercising and note the difference. Just be sure to not do it too close to bedtime, because the release of endorphins can also throw sleep off.

Less Stress

Personal fitness trainers point this out time and time again — issues like chronic stress, depression, and anxiety can all be significantly helped by regular exercise. This is because participating in an activity like running releases dopamine inside the brain, which is a key deficiency in those suffering from depression. It can also help those with chronic stress deal with anger and other issues in a healthy way, rather than bottling them up and turning to unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking.

Less Risk

In order to keep themselves healthy, adults should participate in 2.5 hours of moderately intense activities and two days per week working on muscle-strengthening activities. By doing this regularly, you decrease your risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, premature death, high blood pressure, and a whole list of other health risks. Those who do not keep themselves healthy are proven to die earlier of completely preventable issues, which should be motivation enough to get moving!

Are you giving yourself enough time to work fitness into your day? Personal fitness trainers say that even a little bit of exercise each day is better than consistently sitting and doing nothing, so give it a try!

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