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Urgent Care for Kids Instead of Emergency Room May Be the Best Option

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Urgent medical care

When a child breaks a bone or has an ear infection, strep throat, a fever that won’t go away, many parents are choosing to treat the condition at an urgent care center rather than at an emergency room. Citing lower costs and shorter wait times at urgent care locations, more parents are seeking out urgent care for kids whose injuries or illnesses are moderate to severe.

Most urgent medical care centers are open well past dinnertime, with 9 out of 10 staying open past 7:00 pm and almost half having an open door policy until after 9:00 pm during the week.

Compared to the extended wait times many families face at emergency rooms, urgent care facil

Safe and Discreet STD Testing

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Medical walk in clinic

In the United States there are 6,800 urgent care facilities. Because of the growing popularity, the number of urgent care clinics in total has increased from 8,000 to 9,300 since 2008. Facilities such as these offer basic health care from 20,000 different physicians that work in them. One service they now offer at these low cost walk in clinics is STD testing for men and women.

Being tested for STDs is an important step in your health care that you do not want to miss. There are 20 million new sexually transmitted diseases found every year in the U.S., these derive from only 8 different kinds of bacteria and viruses. STD testing kits do not off

5 Surprising Benefits of CPAP

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Cpap settings

5 Surprising Benefits of CPAP

Sleep apnea is a serious condition and a common health issue. In fact, it is so common that an estimated 18 million Americans have been diagnosed with this disease. A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine and CPAP machine supplies are normally prescribed to help those with sleep apnea. A CPAP machine will not only help one sleep better, it has other surprising benefits that you may not know about as well.

Your Partner Will be Happier

A person sharing a bed with a significant other who has Continue Reading No Comments

Urgent Care and What it Can Do For You

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Summer health concerns: part 1

Did you know that just under half of all adult emergency room patients are not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital but went to the E.R. because their doctor’s offices were closed? Maybe you have been in this situation yourself. It’s late in the evening, you have a fever, you know you’re sick and need treatment, but you don’t know where to turn to get the best care available. For non-emergency illnesses and injuries, your best bet may be to learn what is urgent care and to find a center near you.

What is urgent care?

Urgent care centers are clinics that are cheaper and faster than a trip to the emergency room, but have more flexible hours than your doctor’s office. About 60% of all

Do You Know When Your Child’s Small Cold Could be Signs of a Major Infection?

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Ent st petersburg fl

Ear nose and throat problems in children and adolescents can, at first seem like minor illnesses, but they can quickly lead to larger problems if not diagnosed and treated properly. Do you know when a small cold could be signs of a major infection?

Ear Infections are Common in Children
It is almost a certainty that at some point your child will deal with an ear infection. Studies show that five out of six children will suffer from at least one ear infection by their third birthday and more than 90% of all children will have at least one infection by the time they reach two years of age.

Ear Infections Can Lead to Hearing

3 Ways Low T Could Be Ruining Your Life

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Does low testosterone affect strength

Over the past few years, you’ve started to feel yourself slow down: your hair might be thinning a little, you’ve lost some muscle mass or gained some fat, or maybe in general you’re feeling somewhat fatigued. These are all just signs of aging, right? Actually, they could be signs you’ve got low T.

Low T, or low testosterone, is a condition found in men where testosterone isn’t being produced as much as it should be. Testosterone production tends to start to drop off after age 30 at the rate of a few percents per year. In most low T cases, men tend to ignore the symptoms, despite that tens of millions of men suffer from it in the US alone.

The simple fact is that low T is a completely treatable disorder, treatment is affordable, and more often than not, covered by insuranc

What You Need to Know About Common Skin Disorders

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Seborrheic dermatitis treatment

Are you, or someone you love, affected by a skin disorder? Every year there are more cases of serious acne and skin cancer. While many of these conditions are linked to age, skin conditions and age are not necessarily linked. One of the best medicines for skin disorders is education. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Did you have acne in high school? Did you know that across the United States, somewhere between 40 and 50 million people suffer from acne? Acne is one of the most prominent skin disorders in the world; at some point in their lives, almost 85% of people will develop, and many of them don’t know the best treatment for acne.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Finding an OBGYN

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Orthopedics fort lauderdale

Finding an OBGYN is a bit more tricky than just finding a doctor for a check up. There are a lot of things you have to consider as you look. Here are just a few things to think about when you try to find a doctor specializing in obstetrics and gynecology.

What Do You Need? If you’re just looking for a doctor to provide your annual well-woman exam, then a general gynecologist or women’s health specialist can help you out. However, if you’re trying to get pregnant, or would like to in the relatively near future, you should consider finding an OBGYN.

Do Your Homework. After you’ve figured out what type of doctor you really need, and you’ve found a few potential

How Telepsychiatry is Fixing America’s Mental Health Problem

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Telemedicine platform

There is a clear and serious mental healthcare crisis taking place in America. In a given year, more than 25% of adults are diagnosed with serious mental disorders such as anxiety, eating disorders, and depression. When these disorders go untreated, individuals end often end up in the emergency room, or worse, prison. The latter is often due to the stigmatization of the mentally ill as criminals, which is simply untrue.
If you are like the 25% of Americans suffering from mental illness, it can be easy to understand that seeking treatment is not always easy. Discussing mental illness isn’t the same as discussing a broken leg–it is an intangible, but very real affliction and sometimes, help can feel inaccessible.