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Safe and Discreet STD Testing


Medical walk in clinic

In the United States there are 6,800 urgent care facilities. Because of the growing popularity, the number of urgent care clinics in total has increased from 8,000 to 9,300 since 2008. Facilities such as these offer basic health care from 20,000 different physicians that work in them. One service they now offer at these low cost walk in clinics is STD testing for men and women.

Being tested for STDs is an important step in your health care that you do not want to miss. There are 20 million new sexually transmitted diseases found every year in the U.S., these derive from only 8 different kinds of bacteria and viruses. STD testing kits do not offer the same quality or range as being tested at a clinic, making it vital to be checked properly from a trained physician.

Going to a walk in health clinic is becoming the increasingly popular option with STD testing for men. Visiting your primary care physician can mean waiting in an office for hours, waiting in a patient room for more hours and then receiving the care that you could have received for free and in much less time at the urgent care facility. With places like urgent care facilities there is no more waiting required, walk in and get same day STD testing for men or women at any medical walk in clinic.

Confidential STD testing is very important. Understandably, privacy is also a big factor when getting tested for STDs. This is a common reason that people will choose an urgent care facility instead of going to their primary care physician for testing related to STDs. STD testing at home can give you the privacy you desire but does not cover all diseases and is not as thorough.

The cost of STD testing is extremely reasonable. At many STD testing clinics, like a low cost health clinic, STD testing for men and women is free or offered at a low price. In reality, it is likely cheaper for someone to get tested at a low cost clinic than to try and test themselves. Men and women should really take advantage of the free and cheap STD testing offered at these health care facilities so they can be sure they are in great shape and stay healthy.

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