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What You Need to Know About Common Skin Disorders


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Are you, or someone you love, affected by a skin disorder? Every year there are more cases of serious acne and skin cancer. While many of these conditions are linked to age, skin conditions and age are not necessarily linked. One of the best medicines for skin disorders is education. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Did you have acne in high school? Did you know that across the United States, somewhere between 40 and 50 million people suffer from acne? Acne is one of the most prominent skin disorders in the world; at some point in their lives, almost 85% of people will develop, and many of them don’t know the best treatment for acne. There are many supposed acne treatments around, including some very questionable home remedies, but you don’t need to be a dermatologist in Florida to know that these are often a waste of time, but if you are struggling with your skin, be sure to see a licensed dermatologist right away.

About 40% of people have acne or acne scars
by the time they are mid-teens! Did you know that although most people experience acne during their teenage years, acne can develop at several points throughout your lifetime. Even people in their 20s, 30s, 40s and even 50s can get acne! So even if you got lucky in high school and didn’t have acne, don’t assume that you’re out of the woods yet. While some people want to pop or pick at pimples as soon as they appear, don’t! Popping acne will often cause scarring.

Everyone should be aware of the dangers of skin cancer, regardless of your age or location. Skin cancer can be extraordinarily devastating. It is estimated that one in five Americans develop skin cancer at some point in their lives. Every time we go out into the sun, whether it is to the pool, the beach or just around the yard, we have to take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves. Every year, a dermatologist in Florida sees this countless times; we forget to put on our sunscreen, or we forget to reapply it after sweating or getting in the pool, and suddenly our skin is burned, and we’re putting ourselves at risk for developing skin cancer.

The most serious type of skin cancer is called Melanoma. Melanoma is runaway cell growth, specifically your pigment-producing cells, the ones that give your skin its coloring. While Melanoma is curable, it must be caught early. If it is not caught early, it can spread throughout your body, into your lymph nodes and internal organs, making it a much more serious threat. If you already have more than 50 moles on your body, be especially careful; your risk of developing deadly Melanoma may be significantly higher than someone with fewer moles.

If you are suffering from either of these skin disorders, be sure to contact your doctor. If you’re living in a tropical area, or you are constantly out in the sun, take especial care of your skin. Any dermatologist in Florida will tell you how dangerous direct sunlight can be to your skin.

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