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How to Find an Adult Orthodontics Treatment That Fits Your Budget

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Orthodontics cost

When the way our teeth look determines so much of our self-confidence and they way we appear to others throughout our everyday lives, seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult is one of the easiest decisions to make. With teeth that are aligned, it will be easy to feel confident and lose any self-consciousness you had about smiling.

As is the case with most orthodontics treatments, budget is a major factor to take into account — especially when the average cost of braces for adults is estimated to be around $4,800. But believe it or not, you can afford to get the adult orthodontics you need regardless of your income. Here are some of the most common orthodontics for adults, along with their approximate cost:

Traditional teeth braces

The most common option for orthodontic tre

Quit Smoking, but Still Look Cool WIth This Tobacco Alternative

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Electronic cigarette e liquid

Did you know that tobacco smoke contains a deadly mix of more than 7,000 chemicals? Hundreds are toxic, and about 70 can cause cancer. Tobacco smoking also increases the risk for serious health problems, numerous diseases, and death.

The good news? People who stop smoking can greatly reduce their risk for disease and premature death. While the health benefits are greater for people who stop at earlier ages, quitting is beneficial at all ages. If you’re considering alternatives to cigarette usage, several options exist to aid you with the quitting process.

Among the most popular is the electronic cigarette, or “e-cig”. The electro

What to Do When Your Child is Sick

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Walk in clinic capital hill

Most parents know that their children have an increased risk of becoming ill: not only are their immune systems still developing, but they also spend time in busy schools, playgrounds and daycares, where germs can quickly spread from child to child. While it can be tempting to protect your children from every source of bacteria and potential sickness, this exposure is necessary to help them develop a resistance to these germs. But what should you do when your child develops a cough or a fever?

Be Wary of These Symptoms
In many cases, your son or daughter may simply need fluids and medication to suppress their cough or runny nose. However, children are especially vulnerable to bacteria when they have already contracted a virus or other issue, which makes it possible for se

The Top 3 Questions About Ankle Injuries, Answered

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Treatment for ingrown toenail

If you’re an athlete, chances are you’ll end up with an ankle injury at some point. This likelihood is increased if you play a sport that includes jumping (like basketball or volleyball) or running on uneven ground. If you suspect an ankle injury, the first thing you should always do is visit an ankle and foot doctor (formally called a podiatrist). But here is some information that can help you through the process of ankle injury treatment:

What Are the Most Common Ankle Injuries?

These are three of the most common ankle injuries, listed roughly in ascending order of severity.

  • Strains: A strain occurs when muscles and tendons are overstretched and develop micro-tears. Tendons are the fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones.

Three Types of Dental Implant Procedures You’ve Never Heard Of

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All on 4 dental implants

Millions of people are turning to the dental implants procedure as a way to permanently and safely replace one or more missing teeth — and you may have even considered getting dental implants yourself.

However, the traditional dental implants procedure certainly isn’t for everyone, especially if your dentist tells you you have insufficient bone mass to get a dental implant — and that’s why today’s best cosmetic dentists have come up with a few truly revolutionary falternatives. Maybe one of these options will end up being the perfect dental implant option for you!

All on 4 dental implants

Unlike traditional dental implants,

Four Unexpected Ways You Can Benefit From the Dental Implant Procedure

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Inlays and onlays plantation

Numerous advances in the world of cosmetic dentistry mean that it is now easier than ever before to find a cosmetic dentist who will be able to perform the dental implants procedure. So if you are one of the millions of Americans who are missing one or more of their natural teeth, you should definitely look into getting dental implants.

Still uncertain of whether or not you should undergo the dental implants procedure? Just look at these four ways your dental implants can improve your life instantly:

Dental implants are safe and successful

Did you know that the dental implant procedure has a 98% success rate?

What a Trip to the Medical Spa Can Do For You

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Laser hair removal san antonio

Normally, a trip to the spa entails an afternoon of manicures, pedicures and maybe even a nice, relaxing massage. While these are all nice ways to pamper yourself every now and then, none of them are by any means permanent treats. Medical spas offer a wide variety of aging skin treatments and other aesthetic procedures under the supervision of a licensed medical professional that can give you long-lasting and sometimes permanent results to make you look and feel younger and healthier. Some medical spa services include:

  1. Chemical Peel Treatment – A chemical peel is a noninvasive skin treatment that helps reduce signs of aging and removes or minimizes the look of age spots, acne scars and other imperfections. During a chemical peel, a licensed professional applies a chemi

6 Pros and Cons of Scalp Micropigmentation

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Hair loss for women

About 60% of American men will be at least partially bald by age 65, and for some this can cause significant emotional stress. There are many hair loss solutions, but one you may not have heard of is scalp micropigmentation. In this process, a needle 75% smaller than an average tattoo needle is used to ink tiny dots onto the scalp to give the appearance of hair follicles. Here are some pros and cons of this innovative treatment:

The Pros: Scalp Pigmentation…

  1. Is non-invasive.
    The scalp micropigmentation process takes only a few hours, and the only side effect is short-term redness (just like a regular tattoo). And unlike in the case of hair transplants, the desired effect is achieved in just hours.
  2. Is affordable and lasts for many yea