6 Pros and Cons of Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair loss for women

About 60% of American men will be at least partially bald by age 65, and for some this can cause significant emotional stress. There are many hair loss solutions, but one you may not have heard of is scalp micropigmentation. In this process, a needle 75% smaller than an average tattoo needle is used to ink tiny dots onto the scalp to give the appearance of hair follicles. Here are some pros and cons of this innovative treatment:

The Pros: Scalp Pigmentation…

  1. Is non-invasive.
    The scalp micropigmentation process takes only a few hours, and the only side effect is short-term redness (just like a regular tattoo). And unlike in the case of hair transplants, the desired effect is achieved in just hours.
  2. Is affordable and lasts for many years.
    Scalp pigmentation costs under $5,000 per session, making it far less pricey than hair transplants or other methods. Additionally, the initial treatment should last 10 to 15 years before needing touchups.
  3. Can be used to disguise scars and thinning.
    Scars and distinctive patches of hair loss caused by alopecia can be disguised and blended using the micropigmentation hair treatment.

The Cons: Scalp Pigmentation…

  1. Can only create a “buzzed” look on bald heads.
    A hair tattoo for men is generally used to achieve the look of a short buzz cut, and this is the only option for those with totally bald heads. On women and men with some hair, however, it can be used to disguise thinning underneath other hairstyles.
  2. Doesn’t create volume or a three-dimensional effect.
    Though the appearance of hair follicles are carefully replicated in the process, the feeling of real hair obviously can’t be mimicked.
  3. May not age naturally.
    In addition to going gray, hairlines naturally recede with time. Hair tattoos, obviously, can’t do either without further procedures. It’s best to go for a conservative hairline at first, since it’s always easier to lower the hairline later than to raise it.

Did you know that when getting a hair tattoo for men, patients most often request the hairlines of Vin Diesel and Jamie Foxx? What celebrity ‘do would you choose?

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