7 Tips to Keeping Your Prostate Healthy and Happy

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There are a lot of things you can do to keep your prostate healthy and happy. Many people turn to prostate health supplements. They can help but there are also other things you can do to live a healthier life and keep your prostate healthy.

  1. Stay active and maintain a healthy weight. Research done on 30,000 men found that there is an inverse relationship between exercise and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The bottom line here is that when men are even mildly or moderately active, they cut down on the amount of BPH they suffer. Walking every day can yield great results. Chronic prostatitis and erectile disfunction (ED) can also be reduced by staying active. Men who exercise often and maintain a healthy weight are much less likely to suffer from ED than men who do n

Combine Antioxidant Supplements with a Healthy Diet

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Prostate health supplements

Since the early 1940s when they first appeared on the market, people in the United States have been taking multivitamin and mineral (MVM) supplements. These supplements continue to be part of the dietary regimen of approximately one-third of all Americans. Nearly two-thirds of adults consume supplements, and these tend to be MVMs.

Nearly one-sixth of dietary supplements purchased in the United States are MVMs. Furthermore, they represent 40% of total supplement sales.

Since vitamins and minerals are also sold separately, part of the reason for this significant percentage likely pertains to the convenience–and ease–of only having to take one or two pills at a time. Another reason may be due to the fact that some vitamins and minerals are recommended in combination.

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