Learn the Truth About Convalescence Homes

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The baby boomer population is increasingly creeping over the proverbial hill at age 65 and up. With this large influx of senior citizens, the need for eldercare is more pressing than it ever was before. But with the proliferation of negative ideas of eldercare in senior living facilities in the media and beyond, it can be difficult to know if assistance living is right for you or your loved one. Luckily, this article exists to spread the truth about elderly homes.
By definition, a convalescence home is a form assisted living centers that provides 24 hour, seven day a week care for individuals who need it. Typically, this includes the elderly, the terminally ill and the sick. Accord

Assisted Living Can Be an Exciting New Chapter

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What is skilled nursing care

A transition to an assisted living community can be unsettling for any new resident. Seniors who have gotten used to living on their own, taking care of themselves, are suddenly put in an unfamiliar place, and find people “interefering” with their daily routines.

However, what these seniors will come to realize is that assisted living communities actually allow them the independence they enjoy, while providing them with the comfort and safety of regular care and assistance.

Many seniors compare their experience as residents in assisted living communities to revisiting their college years. They are once again living in a building with many of their friends, and food and fun community activities are provided for them. Continue Reading No Comments

Find the Best Nursing Home For Your Loved One

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Making the decision to put your loved one in a nursing home is never easy. Many people feel guilty about not being able to take care of their elderly loved one at home, and hesitate to contact senior living facilities. But the truth about living in these facilities is far from the stereotypical images shown on television. These places are often filled with active, lively folks who interact with one another and engages in many different social activities.

The average nursing home in the U.S. houses about 107 beds, according to PBS, and about 4.5% of American citizen above the age of 65 live in nursing homes and other assisted living facilities. Residents usually get involved in community events, sports, recreational outings, therapy, art classes, and even clubs. These activities keep them active and social, as