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When to Seek Medical Care for a Twisted Ankle


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Many people have experienced the pain associated with a twisted ankle. This type of injury can take place in a wide variety of situations. In many cases, a twisted ankle commonly occurs as the result of physical activity including playing sports. It’s understandable to experience a slight degree of panic after twisting your ankle concerning where to go to seek treatment for this injury. In fact, statistics show that 25,000 people in the United States suffer from sprained ankles each day. With that in mind, here is more information concerning when a twisted ankle needs to be treated inside of either an urgent care or emergency room setting.

Twisted Ankle Versus a Sprained Ankle

If you’ve twisted your ankle and are experiencing feelings of pain, it’s likely a sprain has taken place. A sprained ankle occurs when ligaments surrounding this part of the body have become stretched too far and possibly torn. In more severe cases, an ankle fracture can take place which can result in bone protrusion and blood loss.

Visiting an Urgent Care Facility for Twisted Ankles

Luckily, most ankle sprains are completely treatable at an urgent care facility. Many of these facilities are able to see and treat patients in a short amount of time, making them very popular. In fact, statistics gathered from the Urgent Care Association of America found that nearly 3 million people visit these care centers per week. If you’re experiencing pain in addition to difficulty walking on the affected ankle, you’ll want to visit an urgent care facility. Severe ankle sprains can result in a fracture of this area taking place. Statistics show that 80% of urgent care centers provide some degree of fracture care.

When to Seek Emergency Care for Ankle Injuries

You’ll want to visit the emergency room if there is any amount of bone protruding out of the skin. Having bone showing through the skin is an indication that a severe bone break has occurred. In addition, bone protrusions often are associated with excessive bleeding. You’ll want to treat ankle injuries that are accompanied by significant blood loss in an emergency room setting.

To summarize, a twisted ankle is a common injury that can occur in many types of situations. It’s understandable to wonder where to seek treatment once an ankle injury has taken place. If a twisted ankle is accompanied by swelling, skin discoloration, and pain, you’ve likely sprained your ankle. You’ll find that most sprained ankles are completely treatable by visiting an urgent care facility. However, more severe ankle injuries can lead to bone protruding through the skin and blood loss which should be treated in an emergency room setting.

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