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When To Look Into Physical Therapy Programs


Physical therapy issaquah

Chronic pain, unfortunately, affects many of us, impacting the way we go about our day to day lives, hampering career growth, and changing the way we interact with the world. Chronic pain can often induce depression, a sense of hopelessness that the pain will never end. Any chronic pain condition can be immensely difficult to live with but, fortunately, there are ways to treat and manage chronic pain and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Physical therapy treatment, for example, can benefit many sufferers of chronic pain. Physical therapy for hip pain can increase mobility and allow the patient further range of motion, as well as increased quality of life. Knee pain and back pain are both common complaints, as both tend to degenerate with age. Back pain, in particular low back pain, is one of the most common chronic pain complaints, affecting over 30 million Americans at any point in time. But, fortunately, physical therapy can help. Actually, physical therapy method and physical therapy exercises can ultimately reduce medical costs for back pain sufferers. Among those who attended therapy for lower back pain, medical costs were found to be over $2,500 lower than their counterparts who did not.

Physical therapy treatment is also beneficial for those who have suffered an injury. While some injuries heal without need for further treatment, up to half of musculoskeletal injuries persist past three months. And the National Center for Health Statistics released data that said that over 5 million sports injuries occur every year in the United States alone. Physical therapy treatment can help injury sufferers to reduce physical pain as well as gain back strength.

Physical therapy treatment can also be ideal for osteoarthritis patients, as it can build up joint strength and teach patients exercises to maintain it. Osteoarthritis is a common medical condition in the United States. It’s the number one most diagnosed form of arthritis and, though it can affect anyone, mostly affects the elderly, as it is a degenerative joint disease that causes wear and tear at the joints, particularly the hips, hands, and knees, all areas that can be targeted and treated with physical therapy treatment.

No matter what your need for physical therapy, physical therapy treatment can help many different cases and a variety of chronic conditions to reduce pain and build strength.

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