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Ways to Find The Right Nursing Home For Your Loved One


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If you have a loved one suffering from a chronic illness, old age, or a condition that requires long-term care services, a nursing home is probably the best option. It isn?t easy though, choosing a nursing home for your elderly relatives. Sometimes it can be hard to admit that it?s a good idea, and often a place that puts the quality of life and comfort first can be difficult to find. When it comes to making the decision, you want to be sure that your loved one will be cared for closely and with loving hands. If the notice the following at a home that you visit, it might be the right place.

Good Signs

  • Low patient to staff ratio. If there are too many patients and not enough caregivers, it is hard to guarantee attentive treatment. The fewer patients per staff member a nursing home has, the longer each individual will receive the care they need.
  • High star status. This is data gathered from long-term care facilities that reflect the quality of life for patients. Though it is a general score, it provides a way to find out which places not to consider.
  • They let you randomly check the place. Before deciding on where to send your loved one, ask if it would be alright if you dropped by unannounced. If they say yes, this is a good sign! If not, they might have done extra work to make the place presentable for your visit. Follow up on this and come in some time later without saying when to get a better idea of how the place is run.
  • There is a schedule with activities. If you find a place that has reasonably engaging nursing home activities on the calendar, it shows that the staff is not only there for the medical responsibilities, but also for the emotional support of their patients.

In this emotionally draining time, it is hard to imagine ever finding the peace of mind you deserve. The good signs mentioned above are only a small part of easing your worries. The best way to help transition your loved one into a long term care nursing home is by visiting often. The only way to ensure their quality of life and comfort is through being there for their needs whenever you can manage.

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