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A Life Fitness survey of exercisers under the age of 30 found that just over three quarters believe that technology helps them work out more successfully. Fortunately, there are lots of health tech products available to help people lose weight and get in shape. Countless diets fall by the wayside and fail every year, but the best gadgets for fitness help individuals stay dedicated to their workout and healthy eating regime. As a result, they are great tools for anyone looking to get healthy and build a body that they feel more confident with.

Some of the best gadgets for fitness are armband monitors. A heart rate monitor can easily and accurately measure things like heart rate, distance traveled, and the speed at which someone is moving while they workout. Plus, beyond the things that armbands can measure during a workout, they can be worn throughout the day to monitor heart rates and try to find potential problems. So though they are great fitness gadgets, they also have a very practical every day use.

Because they are lightweight and not overly obtrusive, armband heart monitors can be worn for up to 23 hours a day. By taking some 5,000 readings every minute, they are able to provide real-time and accurate information about the health of a heart. Sometimes, people might not realize that being overweight or out of shape is having a negative affect on their health until they see the data themselves that shows that their heart is struggling. But if problems are found, that should serve as the best motivation for heading to the gym and eating a healthier diet.

Though armband heart monitors are one of the most popular health tech tools, they are hardly the only items available. In addition, exercisers can enhance their workouts and overall fitness plan by using the JEFIT bodybuilding app, FitBit Ultra, a Nike Fuel Band, and the WiThings WiFi scale that measures body mass index and lean and fat mass every day, in addition to overall weight. While there is no substitution for discipline and sticking to a regular diet and exercise program, all of those gadgets can help an individual get in shape and improve their overall health.

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