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Three Things Pregnant Women Should Know About EMFs


Emf dangers

In recent years, people are becoming more aware of the potential dangers of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, questioning on a more regular basis how to best keep loved ones safe. As attention becomes more pronounced, it seems to be harder than ever to find simple suggestions, in simple terms, without advertising a must have item for ways to block emf at home, items that can almost qualify for a bank loan to finance them. Even with all of those products, have the sites do not have a basic explanation for a pregnant woman about risk and best behaviors for her to protect herself and her unborn child. To repair the grave disservice performed by some in scaring without providing facts, here are three things a pregnant women concerned about EMFs should know.

  1. WHO findings: The World Health Organization, or The WHO, does recognize potential dangers from EMFs and does recommend limiting EMF exposure. This recommendation, however, is not accompanied by stronger warnings for pregnant women or suggestions about emf blockers. The WHO report explicitly states that they have found no evidence to suggest EMFs cause any problems with the birth or the infant, such as spontaneous abortion or congenital defects.Where The Danger Lies: When saying that EMFs could be dangerous, it is important to note that they specifically are referring to what comes from power lines and radio frequencies. If either of those lies close to your home, take precautions, go buy an EMF shield if possible.
  2. Research: Current scientific examinations of the effects of EMFs is focused entirely on cancer. Whether viewed as a cause or an exacerbating effect, this idea truly does deserve some fear. Yes, cancer is scary, yet most people already try to prevent cancer and have at least a vague idea of symptoms to watch out for. In other words, we are already afraid of cancer. Do not panic yet about emf safety.
    The potential for EMFs harming you or your child is slim. That said, no one would blame a pregnant woman opting for full body protection and buying every emf shield in sight, not even me. I just ask that you make all decisions with thoughtfulness. With that, you’ll be fine.

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