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Three Convenient Benefits of Urgent Care


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Did you know that there are nearly 9,000 urgent care facilities in the United States? This number is rapidly growing partly because less than 30% of primary care doctors offer after-hours coverage. Medical urgent care first became available in the United States in the 1970s, and these centers now account for $14 billion in revenue every year in the U.S. Urgent health care has become a viable and convenient way to receive immediate medical treatment because these facilities are beneficial in a variety of ways.

1. Short wait times. Urgent medical care is convenient because patients generally experience short wait times. In fact, 57% of patients wait 15 minutes or less to be seen, and 80% of all visits are completed in 60 minutes or less. As a result, this type of convenient care allows patients to quickly receive medical attention.

2. Variety of treatment. Urgent care centers are equipped to treat a wide variety of minor conditions. Broken bones, lacerations, sprains, strains, burns, upper respiratory illnesses, and concussions, for example, can all be treated at urgent care. As a result, convenient care facilities are a helpful way to get treatment for non-life-threatening conditions.

3. Professional staff. Urgent care facilities employ a professional staff. Not only do two-thirds of urgent care centers utilize a mix of physicians, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners, but 65% of these centers also have at least one physician on-site at all times. In addition, the Certified Urgent Care Center designation was created in 2009, and this recognizes certain facilities based on their high level of professionalism and medical expertise.

Since its creation in the 1970s, urgent care has become a helpful way to receive immediate medical treatment. Not only do convenient care centers employ a professional staff and offer a variety of treatments, but patients also experience short wait times, as well. As a result, urgent care has become a viable way to receive medical treatment. Ger more information on this topic here.

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