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The Truth About the Flu Vaccine


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Despite the concerted efforts of medical practitioners, many Americans go every year without getting a flu vaccination. They take the extended period without infection a proof that it is not a necessity for their health. By this flawed logic, however, that same person could say point to years of being alive and not dying as proof that they are immortal. Here is the reality of the flu vaccine.

How It Works

Influenza, or the flu, is a dangerous disease that can cause a person to become so I?ll they must be hospitalized. Some strains are potentially, or have been previously, fatal on a large scale. One such was the strain that killed vast numbers a century ago.
Each year, medical researchers determine the strains of flu that will most likely be prevalent and create the vaccine in response. The result is a shot that protects against three or four influenza strains.

Who Should Get It

Everyone. There is no safe age, especially when a person can transmit the disease to a sensitive person without experiencing many symptoms themselves. Every year, make that appointment with your doctor and keep it. For those that lack insurance and regular health care, many urgent care facilities can assist as well.
A small segment of the population cannot receive the flu vaccine due to complicating health issues such as allergies or certain pre existing conditions. However, there are many types of the vaccine designed with varied individuals in mind. Do not assume you are one of the few that cannot get the shot, always talk to your doctor to be certain.

Timing Issues and Clarification

Many people complain at great volume about the fact that the flu vaccine must be readministered each year. Some even believe this to be proof that it is a hoax and not needed at all. The reality is that this vaccine loses its effectiveness over time. Also, the various strains mean that the most dangerous flu type of last year may not be what most requires protection.
Hopefully, when the new influenza vaccine become available this year, probably in October,e very reader will immediately get one for the sake of themselves and the herd immunity that protects those who cannot get the vaccine. It takes 2 weeks to be effective in the body, so make that appointment early and keep it no matter what. See this reference for more.

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