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The One Big Threat to Men’s Health and Why It Should Be Taken Seriously


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It?s no secret that testosterone is an important part of healthy function for the male body. Very often however, men underestimate just how vital it is and how many of their biological processes rely on a healthy amount of testosterone. For this reason, many men in the U.S. that suffer from low testosterone don?t realize the problem and will go without help. There isn?t a lot in the way of education about testosterone deficiency and this begs questions like, ?does low testosterone affect focus??, ?does low t affect my strength?? and so on. The following outlines some important facts about low testosterone levels and how it can negatively impact a man?s life:

1. It is a common problem.

Low testosterone levels have been occurring ever frequently in America. It is estimated that over 13 million men in total suffer from low t, but symptoms are rarely acknowledged for what they are (often blamed on the natural process of aging). Researchers are already predicting that by 2025 there could be as many as 6.5 million men between 30 and 79 with testosterone deficiency, an increase of 38% since 2000.

2. Decreases with age.

While it doesn?t have to be an unavoidable aspect of aging, testosterone does decrease as a man gets older. Researchers have found 20% more instances of low testosterone in men over 60, 30% more in men over 70, to as high as 50% in men over 80 years of age.

3. Symptoms are noticeable, but often go without treatment.

If you?re asking yourself, ?does low testosterone affect focus??, the answer would be yes, but such a thing can so easily be blamed on getting older and other outside factors. In addition to lack of focus, low testosterone can cause increased body fat, decreased energy and fatigue, reduced muscle mass and depression. Even with all these negative chances, as many as 90% of men with low testosterone will go without treatment.

4. May Shorten Life

Recent studies have shown a link between low testosterone and shorter lives, meaning there could be a correlation between the two. In fact, men with low t have a 33% greater death risk over the next 18 years of life compared to men with normal testosterone levels. This would make a question like, ?does low testosterone affect focus?? the least of a sufferer?s concerns.

5. Most insurance companies will cover treatment.

The biggest tragedy of all of this is that many insurances are prepared to cover treatment. Lots of clinics that specialize in treatment will accept most insurance plans, as well as offer flexible payment options.

Getting oneself tested and, if need be, treated for low testosterone can go a long way to changing a life for the better.

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