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The Finest Massage Therapy


Healthcare takes a wide variety of forms, from medication to surgery to physical rehabilitation at a hospital for an injury victim. Not all healthcare requires a surgeon or an IV bag, though. Non invasive, everyday health care may involve massages and chiropracty, and a good massage may provide all sorts of benefits, no drugs or surgery needed. Many Americans suffer from back pain, joint pain, tense muscles, and pinched nerves that cause chronic pain. Lower back pain, in particular, is quite common today, and many Americans are looking for relief. And for sore or cramped muscles, a foot and calf massager may be a fine choice. Products such as a foot and calf massager, a powerful massager held in the hand, a portable foot massager, and more can be found at most retailers, including online catalogs. The best foot and calf massager will be one that can relieve muscle tension and nerve pain. Massage chair features may help for back pain, and a customer may also visit massage parlors if they want the human element. And what about lower back pain?

Getting Massage Work Done

It is common for Americans adults to get a massage, often either from a massage machine like a foot and calf massager, or from visiting a local massage parlor. What to current trends show? Around 75% of all Americans may experience foot health problems of some sort during their lives, and that may include cramps and pinched nerves that a good massage may soothe. Many Americans also suffer from back pain in their spine or back muscles, and experts say that around 80% of Americans will experience back pain symptoms at some point in their lives. One in three women and one in four men may be going through back pain, amounting to some 31 million people at any given time.

An interested customer may look for a foot and calf massager or a back massager chair if they want a product that they can use at home, at will. Such devices can be tested for free at a retailer when a customer visits in person, and store associates may help the customer take such a device for a test run. A massage chair may use warmth, vibrations, and kneading surfaces inside to work the user’s muscles, and controls on the arm rests allow the user to modify the massage work. Many shopping malls include such massage chairs for customers to try. Meanwhile, a customer may want a foot and calf massager instead, an upright massager that only applies to the legs from the knees down. Such devices are more convenient to carry around than a full size chair is.

In other cases, a customer may want a massage from someone’s bare hands. In this case, they can look up local massage parlors online and visit one. What might they expect there? A massage parlor creates a calming and soothing atmosphere, with multiple massage tables and several staff members who can treat a number of customers at once. A good massage parlor may also include gentle background music or sound effects, along with lit candles, incense, and possibly even a fountain with burbling water. Massage parlors sometimes have a general Asian theme for visuals, something that customers may find appealing and thematic. Either way, the customer may lay down with a towel, and the massage expert will use their bare hands to knead the muscles and bones to relieve pressure and cramps. This physical relief may also eliminate the mental stress that comes from ongoing pain, making it a comprehensive therapy. Many Americans who get massages say that they would get one again or recommend it to friends.

Yoga and Chiropractic Care

In some cases, someone who visits their doctor complaining of back pain may be referred to a local chiropractor or a yoga expert. The former can use simple tools or their bare hand to readjust bones and muscles for relief, and the latter may guide their client through natural bends and poses during private sessions in a studio. Over the course of several sessions of yoga, the client may bend and stretch rigorously to relieve pressure and pain, and restore their full arcs of movement. It’s all non-invasive; no surgery or medication needed.

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