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The Convenience of Urgent Care for Your Holiday Medical Concerns


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The holidays bring a lot of excitement, happiness, and togetherness. However, the holiday season is also a common time for injuries, accidents, and emergency care. People tend to travel and interact more, sometimes celebrating a little too hard, leading to after hours physicians visits. This holiday season, when you are remembering to be safe, also remember the convenience and high quality medical care of local urgent care centers. Urgent care centers tend to provide more convenient of office hours, and a higher quality of service than emergency rooms. Keep your urgent care center in mind when dealing with the following holiday concerns.

Burns and cuts The holidays are a time of entertaining. People spend many hours over the stove, preparing for their holiday meals. Because of the increase in cooking, more people experience cuts and burns during this time. Most burns and cuts can be handled at home with over the counter products, however, some require medical attention. If you are worried about a bad burn or a deep cut, visit your local urgent care center for appropriate care.

You will find that roughly 60% of all urgent care centers have a wait time of less than 15 minutes to see a physician or mid level provider, and 65% have a physician on site at all times. Most cuts and burns simply require a few stitches or prescription strength burn cream, so you will be pleased with the convenience and speed of the urgent care center.

Slips and falls The holiday season occurs over the winter months. This provides more dangerous driving conditions and slippery walkways and sidewalks. Always be sure to salt your sidewalks when entertaining. If you are visiting family during winter weather conditions, consider wearing boots with a good grip. If you do experience a slip or fall, monitor your situation and visit your local urgent care center.

However, if you injure your back or neck, you should consider calling for an ambulance. Urgent care centers are suitable for ankle, leg, or wrist pains. Many urgent care centers even have advanced diagnostic and laboratory services to properly diagnose your fall condition. Nearly all urgent care centers operate seven days a week (97%) and are open at least 4 hours per day (99%), making it likely that you will find something open after your icy fall.

Baby and young child care You may be taking your baby out into the cold more than often. They will be around more people than ever, making illness more possible. It is also possible that your concern about comprehensive specialized pediatric care is not even related to the holidays, but instead the fact that your pediatricians office has less open hours during the holidays. Many urgent care centers have the ability to provide comprehensive specialized pediatric care services. Sometimes, they are better able to handle comprehensive specialized pediatric care than your local emergency centers are.

Auto accident care The holidays bring more drivers on the road, visiting loved ones who may live far away. There may be an increase in auto accidents. If you are in a serious auto accident, call for an ambulance. If, however, you want a routine medical check up following a minor accident, visit your local urgent care center. Here, you can receive convenient medical treatment that can get you quickly on your way to your next holiday celebration.

It is also likely that your local urgent care center is more affordable for routine checkups. Urgent care centers are much more affordable than your local emergency centers, regardless if it is for comprehensive specialized pediatric care or an auto accident checkup. An urgent care treatable case handled in a hospital emergency room costs an average of $2,039, while the same case treated in an urgent care facility would run approximately $226.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, you will want to keep safe driving and cooking habits in mind. The holidays are an increased time for emergency room visits, because of more cooking and icy road conditions. When you do experience a medical concern, consider visiting your local urgent care center. You will find that it is more affordable, more convenient, and quicker.

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