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The Bald Facts About Scalp Pigmentation


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Did you know that a whopping 60% of men would rather have more hair than more friends or money? In fact, 47% of men would be willing to spend their entire life savings if it meant getting their hair back, and 30% would sacrifice sex if abstinence grew their hair back. While there are some hair loss solutions for men who still have some hair on their head, completely bald men are seemingly out of luck.

For these frustrated individuals, there’s a new hair loss restoration procedure called scalp micropigmentation that could provide some comfort. Scalp pigmentation treatment involves tattooing tiny dots on the bald areas of the head to give the appearance of a stubbly, buzzed hairstyle. A single session usually lasts for three hours, but if a patient wants or needs their whole head done, then they’re going to require multiple sittings.

Its benefits are obvious. Not only is scalp pigmentation an immediate solution, but it’s also non-invasive, requires no down time, and leaves no scarring, unlike other treatments.

Scalp pigmentation is different than a typical tattoo, since it doesn’t penetrate skin as deeply. It also hurts less than a regular tattoo does, and it hurts a whole lot less than other hair transplants. If a patient is still skittish, fearing scalp pigmentation will be too painful, anesthetic can be applied to help numb the scalp, although the majority of patients don’t need or want it.

What’s more, the tattoo will retain color. This means that you won’t wind up with some funky red peach fuzz when you started off with a dirty blonde buzz cut. It also means that a patient will never have to worry about going gray, either.

Considering the fact that nearly one third of all men are bald, the demand for a treatment like scalp pigmentation is understandably high. It’s also a great way to disguise scarring, or shade thinning areas of hair for the illusion of denser hair. If interested in scalp pigmentation, pursue a professional in your local area. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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