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Starting an Effective and Fun Weight Loss Program


It is a well known and unfortunate trend that many American adults and kids today are overweight or even obese, and the numbers confirm this. What is causing so many Americans to be so big? A number of factors and trends have been identified, but the two basic problems may be poor nutrition eating, and a lack of good exercise. The good news in all this is that a heart disease diet is totally possible, and a lifestyle diet plan can help. Effective weight loss may be possible when a person chooses to start eating better and exercise more, and this can transform a person’s life and health. What is there to know about a heart disease diet and how to launch it?

Why Obesity Happens

Being overweight or obese are defined as a person weighing a certain percentage more than their ideal body weight based on their height, age, and sex. An overweight teenage girl or an obese adult man will have different total weights, but anyone with a too-high percentage of body weight may be putting themselves at risk. What might happen? Obesity may clog the arteries with excess fat, and an obese person faces increased risks of heart disease or stroke. Being obese may also mean too much pressure on the joints and bones, increasing risks of arthritis. Being obese is often tied closely with increased risks of diabetes as well.

Obesity is fueled by bad diets and a lack of exertion. Many processed and fast foods today have a lot of sugar and fats added to them to make them taste better, but this is done at the expense of the consumer’s health. Some have argued that sugar is the new tobacco, seeing how sugar is added to many foods, most of all processed ones. Anything from a TV dinner to ketchup will have added sugar, not just cookies or ice cream, and this converts into excess body fat in a hurry. Healthy, organic foods are often neglected in favor of these sugary, fatty foods instead.

The human body is naturally designed to move, a relic from prehistoric days when our ancestors hunted wild game across the African plains. Our lifestyles are now much different, but the body still has a need to exercise, and this is true for kid and adults alike. Our bodies “remember” that lifestyle, and the mind and body may apply negative side effects to a sedentary person. Getting no exercise results in not only excess fat, but also mood problems, sleep disorders, and more. In fact, being overweight and not exercising is often linked to poor self-esteem and depression, and not just because of body image. The good news is that nearly anyone can change their diet, and any able-bodied person may start exercising more. A heart disease diet may launch this positive change.

A Heart Disease Diet and Exercise

Someone looking to launch a heart disease diet may start by consulting their doctor and a nutritionist to ensure that any new diet and exercise routine of theirs is both safe and effective for them. Some Americans have dietary restrictions or needs, or bodily conditions affecting how they exercise. Recent surgery, for example, or a bad back or a heart condition may prove dangerous in some cases. Consult your doctor first.

With professional guidelines in mind, a person may start eating better, and this first involves cutting fast food and processed foods from their diet entirely. That cuts out bad sugars, fats, and other additives. Instead, the person may eat organic and natural foods for balanced and square meals, and this doesn’t have to result in chore-like, bland diets. In fact, this can open up many fun and new recipe ideas and boost nutrition. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy like milk and cheese, and proteins such as eggs and beans and fish may make for a colorful and very healthy diet.

Exercise varies widely, but it all involves burning fat and calories and building muscle all over the body. In fact, developed muscles burn more calories just from existing, so this can speed things along. Weight training, swimming, jogging, bike riding, and sports like soccer or basketball are fine exercise methods to try, and can be fun, too.

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