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Physical Therapy Treatments for Sciatica and Other Types of Chronic Pain


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Many individuals throughout the world suffer with either occasional or chronic pain. The Institute of Medicine of The National Academies found that 100 million people in the United States suffer with some type of chronic pain. In terms of the global population, figures show that over 1.5 billion people are suffering due to some form of chronic pain.

Back pain, in particular, is common among Americans, many of whom do not seek professional help or treatment. Data shows that this is the case with 37% of the United States’ population. In some cases, these individuals might not seek treatment because they hope the pain will pain. However, in many cases, this pain will continue and be considered as chronic.

The Annals of Rheumatic Diseases conducted a study recently that revealed 10% of the world’s population has some degree of lower-back pain. Due to the level of this pain, it has become the leading cause of disability in the world.

At some point during their lives, 80% of adults will experience low-back pain, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. When this pain continues for 12 weeks or more, it is considered to be chronic.

In addition to lower-back pain, many individuals suffer with neck pain. When this pain persists for over 3 months, this is also classified as a chronic condition.

Sciatic nerve pain is particularly painful, and contributes to lower-back and other severe forms of discomfort. The large sciatic nerve is formed by 5 nerve roots in the lower back. When someone has sciatic nerve pain, it can greatly impact the quality of their life.

Nearly 59% of the individuals with chronic pain have reported that it prevents them from enjoying life. Furthermore, the American Physical Therapy Association’s “Move Forward” survey found it prevented 39% of adults from engaging fully in daily tasks. There are treatments available for sciatica and other types of pain. Physical therapy, for example, has assisted many individuals with alleviating pain and regaining mobility. It’s also important to note that there are other beneficial effects, including a more positive outlook on life due to not experiencing pain.

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