Preparing for Mohs Surgery

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Every year about 4.3 million people in the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer specifically BCC (basal cell carcinoma). Mohs surgery is a procedure that can help to combat skin cancer while preserving as much tissue as possible.


Micrographic surgery (Mohs pronounced Moes) is a procedure that is performed by a dermatologist. It is a powerful tool in fighting skin cancer.


Understanding This Surgery


This surgery is done under a local anesthetic by a dermatologist that has been trained in Mohs procedure. You stay awake during the procedure but feel nothing. Recovery time is quicker because you are not given a general anesthetic.


Once the anesthetic has taken effect, the dermatologist surgeon will remove obvious cancer from the skin. You will be bandaged and made comfortable while the surgeon checks the skin for cancer cells. If more cells are found, then another layer of skin is removed, and again checked.


Each thin layer of skin is checked for cancer cells until the skin is free of cancerous cells. Once the skin is absent of cancer cells the surgeon will either stitch the wound or decide to leave it open and bandaged.


Why Is Mohs Effective?


Before this procedure was available a lot of healthy tissue was removed during the surgery which left obvious scarring. With the Mohs process, healthy tissue remains which minimalizes scarring. This is a very important attribute of this treatment option especially in areas with fewer amounts of skin to start with like the eyelids, ears, and hands.


One of the most important reasons this surgery is the best way to treat skin cancers is because it is a highly effective option with a very high cure rate. A dedicated skilled dermatologist can remove all cancer during one operation.


Mohs surgery Panama City FL patients have had has helped them to overcome skin cancer completely. It can treat all types of skin cancer in most cases without additional treatment.


When is Mohs Surgery Indicated?


It is often indicated when the cancer is large or it has returned or the area has very little skin mass, to begin with. If you suspect that you have skin cancer it is time to make an appointment and get the care you deserve. Mohs may be the cure you need.

Here are 4 Things Urgent Care Can Treat You For

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Urgent care clinics are a very special type of walk in health clinic that can be found in most towns or cities across the United States. What sets urgent care clinics apart from other medical treatment facilities is that they allow patients to walk in off the street to seek treatment, with no appointments required beforehand. These clinics are fully staffed with trained medical professionals who are equipped to treat a variety of issues and ailments. Urgent care clinics can treat a number of things, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • Poison Ivy: One thing that urgent care can treat you for is poison ivy or, to be more accurate, a reaction to poison ivy. Poison ivy is a plant that can be found in every state except Alaska and Hawaii. At least 85 percent of people are allergic to poison ivy. This allergy manifests itself in the form of an itchy, red rash that can spread across the affected parts of the body. If you end up afflicted with a rash from poison i

Are You Looking for Home Health Care Options?

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The difference between Louisiana and Minnesota. The difference between cucumbers and tomatoes.
When your 87 year old dad first started getting confused about his plans for the day, you assumed that his mental fog was partly due to the fact that he was not getting enough variety in his days. When he became so confused that he could not remember if he was going to traveling with you to go south to visit his granddaughter in college or up north on his own to visit your sister, you really became concerned.
There are many things about aging that are both difficult and scary. From the need for coude catheters and other mobility accessories to the confusion that sets in when older people begin to have memory issues, there are some situations that are more frightening than others. And while there are conditions that seem concerning when you realize that you have to start talking to medical suppliers and doctors, dealing with memory issues can be even more unsettling. No matter what the

How Many Days a Month Does Back Pain Keep You from Living Your Best Life?

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This Saturday is off to a slow start.
Your husband woke up with back pain again and you are insisting that he try to get some extra rest. You have actually been able to get him an appointment with the chiropractor early this afternoon, and you are hopeful that he will be able to get some relief for the weekend at least. Next week he has a previously scheduled session with a spinal disorder expert and the goal is to come up with a plan for a long term solution. Previous spinal disorder treatments have provided some temporary relief, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that he might have to schedule a back surgery. You understand that not all spinal disorders are the same, but you are more than hopeful that this doctor next weekend can explain the surgery, the rehabilitation, and the prognosis for a pain free future.
Spinal Disorders Can Limit Your Pr

Here are 3 Benefits of Using Medical Record Software

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85% of Americans have visited a doctor in the last year, and for every visit, a new medical record is created. In the past, these medical records would be written down and stored on shelves packed with files from thousands of patients. Now, however, healthcare information technology companies use medical record software to digitally create and store patient’s medical records. This health information management software can take a variety of forms, but they generally benefit healthcare platforms in the same general way. This article will take a look at several benefits that come from using personal health records software and medical record software in general.

  • It Makes Medical Records Easier to Update: One benefit of using medical record software is that it is easier to keep a patient’s medical records updated. Before, it took time to add updates to a patient’s paper medical rec

What to Expect From Detox Centers or Weight Loss Clinics

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The modern American healthcare system is a vast one, and it encompasses many different healthcare sites and doctors in major towns and cities. These may include family practice doctors, urgent care clinics, rapid detox centers, and even weight loss physicians and pain clinics. When a family moves to a new city or county, they may look up local doctor’s offices such as family practice doctors, or also find pediatric clinics and even urgent care walk in clinics. But what about rapid detox centers or weight loss clinics? These are fairly specific medical sites that can greatly benefit any patient, once that patient finds them online with a search. Just how can a drug addiction be cleared up at rapid detox centers, and how can doctors guide overweight Americans into a weight loss program?

Detoxing From Drugs and Alcohol

Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction, and many of these addiction problems in fact started out as legal painkiller prescript

Here are 4 Tips for Avoiding the Flu During Flu Season

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Flu season is a time of year that is generally dreaded by all. It’s a period of time during the fall and winter months when various strains of the influenza virus move across the United States, leading to a sharp rise in the number of flu cases. While the strain of flu that sweeps the country changes every year, there are things that can be done to help you avoid the flu for the duration of flu season. This article will take a look at several tips for avoiding the flu during flu season.

  • Get the Annual Flu Shot: One tip for avoiding the flu is to get the annual flu shot. Each year, medical professionals determine which strain of the flu will be most prominent, and create a flu shot that will work best against that strain. While it’s not a perfect solution, getting the annual flu shot can greatly reduce your chances of getting the flu. The flu shot can be administered at urgent care centers, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices, just to name a few examples.
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Launching an Urgent Care Center

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The American healthcare system is a truly vast and diverse industry, and there is more to it than a doctor’s office or a hospital’s ER. Every day, countless Americans visit urgent care centers, which are medical clinics that can treat a variety of non life-threatening illnesses or wounds. Americans often search for these clinics online to find nearby locations, and an online search such as “urgent care center near me” may show the name, hours, and address of such a clinic. But what about an urgent care start up? This is a business, after all, and entrepreneurs may decide to build a new urgent care center in an area where citizens may have few medical options. One may ask: what does it cost to start an urgent care clinic, and what about urgent care profit margins? An urgent care business model may vary from case to case somewhat, but an urgent care start up checklist should include several basic business strategies at the very least. What might be included on an urgent care start up che

The Ability for Chiropractic Clinics to Treat Injuries and Pain without Surgery

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A chiropractic clinic is often needed to treat serious injuries and chronic pain. This is often in the spine or back, with the spine carrying a great amount of stress upon many small muscles, nerves, and tissues at risk of injury. Spinal injuries are some of the most dangerous to face, and some of the hardest to treat. Therefore, chiropractic adjusting treatments are helpful along with physical therapy and some others.

Benefits of Chiropractic Clinics

Well over 1.5 billion Americans face chronic pain in many areas of the body. This brings the need for a chiropractic clinic to help solve pain disorders and other issues, helping recover physical activity and regular daily motion. Some chiropractic services are provided by spinal disorder experts and private practice sessions. Many different spinal disorder treatments are available for people who have a need for different types of chronic pain. There is no way to tell before visiting a chiropractic clinic, but there may be a

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Hearing Aid Repair

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The Center for Hearing and Communication reports that up to 12% of Americans are living with significant hearing loss. Fortunately, better technology has paved the way for better hearing aids, which play an instrumental role in improving the lives of those impacted by hearing loss. Maintaining the functionality of your hearing aids over time can save you money and help you enjoy the basic pleasures of life, from hearing your loved ones’ voices to delighting in the sound of a stranger’s laugh. To keep your hearing aids functioning properly over time and avoid costly hearing aid repair, employ the following simple suggestions.

Keep Hearing Aids Clean

To prevent the buildup of things like earwax, dust, dirt, and debris, it is essential to adopt a daily cleaning routine for your hearing aids. You can help prevent the need for hearing aid repair by keeping your devices clean and unobstructed, thus maintaining their usability. You should clean your hearing aids each nigh