Never Waste Time at the Gym Again


Gym workout routine

A mere 15 percent of Americans claim to belong to a gym. All the while, nearly a quarter of Americans claim they are on a diet at any given time. Ugh. It is enough to give you agida. If you are anything like me, you are sick and tired of always reading about new gym workout plans or gym workout routines that are guaranteed to make yourself a calorie burning, svelte machine in no time.

One day we are told to lift weights; the next we are told to do more cardio; then (and to make things more complicated) we are told that cardio is really bad if it is not interspersed with periodic 30 to 60 second breaks of rest. What?? So, which is it? What is the best gym workout routine to blast unwanted fat? Well, my friends, read on for the answer.

When fitness experts are surveyed, it appears that the most efficient gym workout routines for women (and men) are no secret; the best gym workout routine is one that simply gets you moving. Plain and simple. Get off your fanny and move. Yes, gym exercise or a gym workout routine that boosts your heart rate (60 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate) is optimal, as long as you give yourself a rest here and there. Here is how it works.

When you exercise, the human body is built to meet the demands of strenuous activity. As such, after a tough gym workout routine, the body will begin to repair immediately. Circulation, body heat, repairing strained muscles, and breathing all play a part in increasing your metabolic rate. (Metabolic rate means how quickly you are burning that quesadilla you ate last night, porky.) As your body repairs from a tough gym workout routine, its cells and organs begin to compensate immediately. The body is amazing, is it not? In addition, geneticists claim that we can fight aging with exercise. Stress (whose antidote is undoubtedly exercise) has been known to deteriorate our beautiful chromosomes and genes, and exercise can reverse this vicious cycle.

The point is, take in less calories than you are expending each day. You can not lose weight without cutting calories. Period. If you are like me and enjoy two (or three) glasses of wine each night, eat less and exercise more. It is simple mathematics, and hopefully, this article takes some of the mystique out of the equation. I really believe there is no secret. And the funny thing is, according to your fitness level, burning mega calories can be achieved with a mere walk around the block!

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