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Continuing education physical therapy

I love my physical therapist. I have chronic back issues and without my physical therapist I would be lost. One of the things I appreciate most about him, other than his ability to make me walk straight, is that he is a huge believer in physical therapist continuing education. He believes that by participating in physical therapy continuing education and continually taking physical therapy continuing education courses, he is staying on top of his game and is above the curve with any newly emerging treatments that could benefit his patients.

When one thinks about continuing education physical therapy might not be tops on their lists of professions that should participate in it. But physical therapist continuing education definitely keeps the mind of my physical therapist sharp and thinking outside of the box in regard to my treatment. And for those of you out there with back problems, you understand the need to try anything, especially a new modern treatment from a recent promising study. Physical therapist continuing education is almost certainly available near you. Ask your physical therapist if they ever attend physical therapist continuing education.

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