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Medical Care Doesn’t Have To Be Out Of Your Price Range Urgent Care Centers For Moderate Problems


Urgent care is one of your most flexible medical resources. It’s also one of your most affordable.

This can be difficult to ascertain in today’s unsteady healthcare climate. Insurance plans change on a dime and it’s not easy figuring out co-pay and medical bills. The urgent care center is designed to bridge the gap between all budgets and lifestyles, offering you a wide variety of options when you walk through the door. You can treat injuries and illnesses in the blink of an eye. You can even seek out preventative care services to stay healthy.

The urgent care center is about convenience and accessibility first. Here’s what you can expect when you visit your Albuquerque urgent care.

Urgent Care Centers Are Plentiful And Affordable

There are more than likely several urgent care centers close to your home. This is thanks to the commitment to accessibility urgent care is founded on. According to a 2015 report, urgent care centers reported an average of 12,000 patients per year — that’s an average of three patients per hour. Over 20,000 medical professionals specialize in urgent care medicine today. While emergency care is an essential resource, urgent care can provide you immediate service for half the price if you’re sick or moderately injured.

Wait Times Are Always Short To Get You Help Quick

Do you worry about your condition getting worse? Visit an urgent care center so you can get help as soon as possible. A UCAOA report saw 90% of urgent care centers maintaining wait times of 30 minutes or less back in 2015. This has gone a long way to help reduce the stress of seeking out medical care, that of which can seriously impact a person’s health. A 2016 survey asked regular urgent care patients about their care, finding 75% stating their stay was either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

Minor To Moderate Injuries Are Treated

Have you recently cut your finger and are unable to stop the blood flow? Do you suspect you’ve sprained your ankle and are struggling to walk? Take your injury to an urgent care clinic designed to give you fast, reliable treatment at an affordable price. Four out of five urgent care clinics will provide on-the-spot fracture care, for starters, and they boast several resources that can tackle everyday problems. A mere 3% of patients who visit an urgent care center need to be diverted to emergency services.

Several Illnesses Will Be Treated

Sometimes you can’t quite pin down what you’re going through. You have a bad headache that hasn’t gone away in days or severe nausea that makes it hard to keep food down. Urgent care centers will provide you a diagnosis and pain relief in just one visit. Today the top five medical diagnoses given in urgent care centers are respiratory infections, acute sinusitis, pharyngitis, cough, and fever. Be honest about what you’re dealing with and don’t wait any longer than you have to to get help.

Preventative Services Are Always Available

Can you only visit an urgent care center when you’re in pain? This is a common misconception that prevents Americans from living a high quality of life. Alongside moderate injuries or illnesses, you can also ask an urgent care doctor about preventative health care. These include (but are not limited to) STD testing, pap smears, physicals for chronic pain, vaccinations, and allergy testing. Patients who visit an urgent care at one point during the last two years. stated they did so for more minor problems.

Save money and stay healthy. Clinics in Albuquerque have the resources you need to feel your best year-round.

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