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Inpatient Methadone Treatment Centers for Heroin and Opioid Addiction


We all know the opioid epidemic has taken over our country and is more prevalent in some areas than others. Therefore, the battle against heroin addiction is one that must be fought carefully, and inpatient methadone treatment centers are a quality option.

History of Heroin Addiction

Unfortunately, so many heroin addicts began the path to addiction with a prescription to painkillers as early as their teens. Misuse of painkillers was the cause in about 80% of addicts, including over 20 million at the age of only 12 or older. From there the path was anything as simple as overuse of pain medications rather than properly communicating with a physician. From that point, the long-term problems with opioid addiction develop easily considering the cost and accessibility of heroin. From there the trouble with the issue increases like a tumbleweed in the wind, and it has done so across our nation for years now. More than addiction, we have seen lethal overdoses for years now as well.

Methods of Heroin Addiction Treatment

While some patients may be addicted to heroin others may simply be addicted to opioids of another type. However, there is no real difference in making sure that there is real treatment leading to the steps out of addiction. One very positive heroin treatment option that has been found over the past few years is methadone. There are some inpatient methadone treatment centers built around the nation to help begin the treatment process in removing the addiction to heroin.

Benefits of Methadone Treatment of Heroin Addiction

There are some factors that help treat opioid addiction, although going cold turkey tends to only bring as much as 10% success. However, there is much to be said for methadone as a treatment option for heroin and other opioid addicts. Some of the following steps away from heroin addiction in the use of methadone treatment include the following:

  • Methadone has been effective for over half a century in curing opioid addiction.
  • The effects of methadone last up to a day and a half in cutting away from opioid addiction.
  • As of March 2011, over a quarter of a million Americans were under the treatment of methadone for opioid addiction.

With all of the benefits of inpatient methadone treatment centers, there is much to potentially gain in the minimization of the opioid epidemic. The investment in rehab centers like this has the possibility of improving that raging epidemic that has been taking over our country. Hopefully, in areas where loss of life and drug sales have flared due to heroin addiction, methadone rehab will work to improve the situation and take some of the stress of the first responders who are on call for so many overdoses on a regular basis.

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