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How to Know When to Go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room


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If you are feeling some sort of chest pain, stomach pain or other inexplicable feeling, you may need to see a doctor to figure out what is going on with you. You have the option to go to an urgent care Allen TX or an emergency room. Your symptoms will really determine where you should go. There are pros and cons to going to either place from wait times to costs and other things but it comes down to whether or not your situation is life threatening. Urgent care clinics do not take life or death situations whether it’s Urgent Care Allen TX or Urgent Care Washington D.C. When it doubt, go to the emergency room. Here are a few ideas of when you should go to an emergency room and when you should go to an urgent care clinic.

If you think you need immediate care otherwise a person or baby could be permanently disabled or even die, you need to go to an emergency room. Here are some reasons you might call 911:

  • Someone is choking.
  • Someone has stopped breathing or is having trouble breathing.
  • Someone has a head injury and has passed out or is confused.
  • Someone has suffered an injury to the neck or spine.
  • Someone has had an electric shock.
  • Someone has been struck by lightening.
  • Someone has been severely burned.
  • Someone is have major chest pain or feeling pressure on their chest.
  • Someone had a seizure that lasted anywhere from three to five minutes.
  • Someone is having pain in their arm or jaw area.
  • Someone has a chronic headache that started all of a sudden.
  • Someone is unable to speak, see or move all of a sudden.
  • Someone suddenly feels weak or is dropping on one side of their body.
  • Someone feels dizzy or weak and the feeling is not going away.
  • Someone has inhaled too much smoke or poisonous fumes.
  • Someone is confused suddenly.
  • Someone is bleeding heavily from any part of the body.
  • Someone has broken a bone and it is pushing through the skin.
  • Someone cannot move due to broken bone.
  • Someone has suffered a deep wound.
  • Someone has suffered a serious burn injury.
  • Someone is coughing up blood or has blood in their mucus.
  • Someone is experience serious and inexplicable pain somewhere on or in their body.
  • Someone is having a severe allergic reaction that involves trouble breathing, swelling or hives.
  • Someone has a high fever accompanied by a headache and/or a stiff neck.
  • Someone has a high fever that is not going away even with medicine.
  • Someone is throwing up and can not stop.
  • Someone has loose stools that do not stop.
  • Someone has overdosed on drugs or alcohol.
  • Someone is having suicidal thoughts.

  • The following issues do not need an emergency room but can be seen at urgent care Allen TX.

    1. Someone wants relief from any kind of common illness like a cold or the flu.
    2. Someone has an earache.
    3. Someone has a sore throat that persists.
    4. Someone has a migraine.
    5. Someone has a low grade fever with no other symptoms.
    6. Someone has a rash.
    7. Someone has sprained something in their body.
    8. Someone is experiencing back pain.
    9. Someone has minor cut but may require stitches.
    10. Someone has a minor burn.
    11. Someone has broken a bone but is not showing through the skin.
    12. Someone has experienced a minor eye injury that does not appear to be threatening to their vision.

    If you or someone you know has experienced something not in these lists and you are unsure where to go, then call your doctor before calling 911. If your doctor’s office is not open then listen to the prompts and they will likely forward you to the triage nurse or doctor on call. Once they answer, you will be able to describe the symptoms to them and they can advise you on the next steps that you should take.

    Often times, your insurance company will also offer a medical advise hotline that you can take advantage of if you do not have a primary care physician.

    It’s best to be prepared for any of these situations before they happen. If you end up having to go to urgent care Allen TX, your doctor’s office or the emergency room, you should have all the necessary phone numbers handy, just in case. Post them next your phone or in your phone or on your fridge for easy access.

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