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How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor


How to find a family doctor

If you are considering seeing medical marijuana doctors in order to get a prescription for pain management, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind before finding medical marijuana doctors. In order to find a doctor, you can start your search in several different areas. Once you do find one, you’ll need to make sure they are accepting new patients in to the legal medical marijuana programs. Not all local medical marijuana doctors are accepting at this point so before you try to go to one of the walk in clinics, make sure this is not the case. Here are some tips to help you find medical marijuana doctors in your area.

Get a Referral
The best way to make sure that you are getting in with a reputable medical marijuana doctor is to get a recommendation for your regular family doctor. Doctors communicate with each other and if you are referred by another doctor then the chances of being seen are much more likely. That is a medical referral but you could also be referred to a medical marijuana doctor by a friend who already goes there. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising as every business owner understands. As long as the doctor is accepting new patients, if he already has a friend or family member of yours as a patient, you will likely get the VIP treatment as will your referral.

Use the Internet
If you don’t know of anyone that is seeing a medical marijuana doctor then there are a lot of websites online that will give you information to doctors in your area. It’s hard to tell whether the doctors on some of these sites are trustworthy and appropriate but doing research can tell you a lot about a facility. Check out their reputation and reviews before scheduling an appointment. Many clinics will offer a free consultation before actually giving out any prescriptions which would be a good idea for both you and the doctor to get to know each other. Remember, as skeptical as you may be of certain marijuana doctors, that same doctor probably sees several patients a day that are just trying to play the system to get weed. You will have to show him that is not you.

Think Beyond Tradition
Medical marijuana is still a controversial issues in the medical field because of the side affects smoking can have. If your regular physician is not comfortable signing your medical marijuana forms or giving you a referral, you may need to find an alternative office. Natural care, holistic and wellness center are all places that will probably be able to sign the papers for you. These centers are more likely to focus on natural remedies and treatments rather than surgery and medication like a regular doctor’s office.

Build a Reputation
If you have no patient history or diagnosis that shows why you are eligible for a medical marijuana card, you will need to build a firm reputation and even relationship with your doctor before asking about cannabis. Be willing to try other treatments before discussing marijuana as an option. Again, you don’t want the doctor to think that you are just in it for the high. There needs to be a solid foundation and history of tried and failed methods.

Don’t Give Up
It may take awhile to find a trustworthy medical marijuana doctor that will help you out but don’t give up the search. There are not a lot of licensed doctors but you will eventually be able to find one in your area if you take the time to research and look. You may even get shot down by a few before finding someone who will help you and evaluate you and see how imperative your need for a medical marijuana card is.

There are many clinical trials and research going on right now looking into the pros and cons of medical marijuana. Every day new evidence is showing up and little by little doctors are starting to understand the therapeutic benefits to this alternative therapy. It may just take a little time for them to see why its use is so important to you. Helpful research also found here.

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