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How Medical Products Can Increase Hospital Patients Comfort


Geri chairs for elderly

There are a lot of products that are necessary in the medical type of setting. Hospitals and nursing homes must provide their patients with beds that are adjustable and comfortable, easy to access restrooms with handicapped accessible washrooms and even easy to use wheelchairs for transportation around the facilities. A hospital or nursing home would not function as smoothly if they did not have these types of products available to their patients. This could hinder their health and their physical improvement during their hospital stay. These products need to be of high quality and extremely durable, ensuring that that are used safely and correctly.

Wheelchairs are probably one of the most needed transportation devices. In fact, 56,672,000 individuals, about 18.7% of civilians living in the community, reported at least one disabling condition in 2010. Those with chronic conditions or disabilities require the assistance of a geri wheelchair to get around. Without the use of a wheelchair, they would not be able to independently transport themselves around communities or campuses. Wheelchairs are common in both the hospital and the nursing home type setting. Pedal wheelchairs are available for those patients who are still able to pedal themselves around with either the use of their arms or their legs.

Wheelchair use also allows those with disabilities to live normal lives, such as working. Many jobs are handicapped capable, allowing them to live a normal working life. Despite the lack of opportunity for disable candidates, more than three quarters of the employers surveyed by BMO in 2012 said that after recruiting disabled workers, the hires either met their expectations (62%) or exceeded them (15%), further proving that wheelchairs can help the disabled find employment. A geri chair can provide them with high quality seating, while still doing the roles of their job.

The use of products such as wheelchairs and a shower commode chair are only going to increase as people get older. For the first time ever, there are now more people in Canada age 65 and over than there are under age 15, according to Statistics Canada. This age difference results in a higher number of people with disabilities and requiring the use of wheelchairs and a shower commode chair.

Although some people may have certain disabilities and chronic pain conditions, they may not require the use of a wheelchair. They may simply need assistance with everyday activities, such as showering and bathing. Those who are able to still walk may find that standing in a shower for an extended period of time can be a struggle. A shower commode chair or a bariatric chair can help them preform these daily duties, without requiring additional assistance. The chair gives them a place to sit if they need to, or if they need a break during their shower. Products such as the shower commode chair allow seniors and those with disability concerns to remain in the comfort of their own homes. They can also make nursing home and hospital employee?s jobs easier, by providing them with assistance when working with the elderly or those with disabilities.

The average age of people in the country is getting older. People are living longer and they are being faced with more disabilities and chronic health conditions that prevent them from working and from doing everyday activities, such as showering. Fortunately, there are products available to make these activities easier, both for the patient and for the employees of hospitals and nursing homes. These products can make the patient more comfortable and feel more independent.

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