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How Chiropractic Services Improve Your Life


Many people make the mistake of adhering to old models of self care. While there’s nothing wrong with traditional medicine, far too many people commit to old ways of thinking, and, in the process accidentally preclude the benefits of other approaches. This is particularly true when it comes to using the services of a chiropractor. Contrary to the belief of some, a chiropractor’s services are not incongruent with those of a regular doctor. There’s no funny trickery or uncanny methodology being used by a chiropractor. A good chiropractor will have a practice that is bolstered by solid science. So why do many people still refuse to get chiropractic treatment? This is largely because they assume that the aches and pains they have are either 1. always going to be there or 2. can be treated with pain-killing drugs. What many people fail to realize is that with the services of a chiropractor not only can pain be managed, but it can be prevented. There are many other benefits as well. Check out some of the top advantages of getting chiropractic care.

Decreases Stress

In order to fully grasp the effects of stress on the human condition, it helps to simplify the human existence into two hemispheres: physical and mental. Our physical selves consist of the muscles, organs, skin and various other body tissues that we use to live, have fun, work and get things done. Our mental existence is encapsulated in what we think and how we think about it. If one is not functioning properly, the other is going to be effective. A state of homeostasis cannot be truly achieved unless it involves a balancing—and satisfaction—of both mental and physical needs. Chiropractor services should be seen as the shortest possible bridge between the the mind and the body. When a chiropractor does his or her thing, they are directly affecting the mind through the manipulation of the body.

If you feel stress, bridging the divide between mind and the body can be exactly what you need in order to make sure the stress doesn’t overwhelm you and also ensure that it doesn’t adversely affect your physical health as well. Stress causes the body to release hormones and chemicals that can inhibit the body’s ability to reproduce cells—the same cells that our organs need to replenish in order to stay healthy and maintain their function. So the relaxation you feel during a visit to a chiropractor is not just helping you feel better for a few hours. It is helping your body function more efficiently and stay healthy.

Reduces Prenatal Discomfort

The strains of pregnancy are well known by any mother—not to mention those who care about and care for her. As the baby develops, the mother’s body changes, and so does the size of her belly. This has a direct affect on her posture. While adjusting posture is, in itself, not going to cause injury, a sudden adjustment, such as that which occurs during pregnancy, could cause significant issues. The body may simply not be ready to handle new positions that require it to move in novel ways, especially while performing tasks that used to be routine and easy. This can affect the muscles and joints in profound ways. If an expecting mom gets the kind of chiropractor services she needs, the effect of these adjustments can be mitigated. This may not involve series of long visits, especially if the issue is addressed early on in the pregnancy. Chiropractors, ideally, should be involved with every pregnancy—at least to make sure the mom is comfortable.

Decreases the Degeneration of Joint Tissues

As people age, their joints start to deteriorate. This is primarily due to the body not producing as much collagen as it used to. Collagen is used to hold together the various fibers in our muscles and joints. The joints start to get worn down because the body is not supporting the regeneration of their inner tissue. However, if the joints are misaligned, the effects of this process are far more painful. An improper position of the joints also creates more friction as well as more acute friction in specific areas. If someone is getting older and uses a chiropractor for chronic pain, this problem can be solved and joint health can be better maintained.

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