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Have Had Your Flu Shot Yet This Year?


Multicare urgent care wait times

Fall break.
Flu shots.
It is not a very exciting way to start the five day break from school, but the reality is this is a time when you and your three children can all get in at once. The shots will be free through your insurance plan and the urgent care clinics in the area accept your insurance, but you had to find a time when you could get everyone into the office at once. So fall break and flu shots it is.
Whether you are looking for urgent care locations in the state of Washington or in the state of Florida, the fact of the matter is that this health care platform is a viable option for many Americans. The convenience, the affordability, and and the quality of the care available at urgent care clinics around the country make them a better option than expensive hospital emergency rooms and difficult to schedule family physician appointments.
Health Clinic Hours Make for Convenient Appointments
The latest statistics indicate that 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days a week. This means that instead of having to rush into an appointment during the week to get a flu shot, for example, these shots can be obtained on a Saturday or a Sunday. The walk in platform that is provided by urgent care clinics means that patients do not need to find a spot in the crowded schedule of a family physician or pediatrician office.
Health Clinic Hours Provide for Affordable Care
Unless you need hospital emergency room care, it makes no sense to visit this expensive setting. Unfortunately, too many people turn to a hospital ER when they find themselves in need of even the most basic health care needs. With expensive overhead costs and a triage approach, patients who go into a hospital ER for a minor evident can spend more and wait longer than if these patients had visited a convenient walk in health clinic.
Health Clinic Hours Offer Quality Care
The latest research indicates that more than 20,000 physicians currently practice urgent care medicine today. As a result of the quality care that is provided, an estimated 3 million patients visit urgent care centers every week, according to the Urgent Care Association of America. The fact that 80% of urgent care centers provide fracture care is one indicator that this popular platform is a great option for an increasing number of Americans.
Whether you are getting a flu shot or you are looking for care for a sprained ankle, a health care clinic is often the most convenient, affordable, and reliable care available.

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