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Getting Prepared for Friendship Rekindling the Entertainment Options to Consider


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“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them,” writer Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. Many of us eventually “wake up” in life and realize we’ve let good friendships slide away. It’s been months since you saw your best friend, even years since you saw your college buddies.

If you are looking for ways to get your old friendships back on the right track, you might be interested in looking for better options for home entertainment. It’s easy to get a few packs of beer and invite everyone over, but if you have something to keep the fun going, there’s added incentive to come back the next time. Here are a few key facts regarding popular home entertainment options great for visiting friends, as well as some of the benefits of each when it comes to a group setting.

Game Tables

  • There are several popular game tables you can choose from. The foosball table is based loosely on soccer, and it can be a good option for group settings since it encourages competition while accommodating a wide range of skill levels. An average priced foosball table is $200.
  • Air hockey tables make for a zingy game of back-and-forth. They’re a little less common in the home and have a bit of appeal for this reason. One drawback is that they are typically two-player games.
  • Pool tables are a classy gaming addition to any household, and because players are split into teams, can accommodate more people. Matching them to an existing room is easy now that tables and felt can come in multiple color combinations. Advise guests against sitting on the table — this happens frequently but can disrupt the balance and ultimately break your table.

Swim Spas

  • Swim spas, also known as hot tubs, are a popular choice for entertaining friends and family in any season. If you’re inviting over several friends, your best bet is to spring for a hot tub that can accommodate four to eight people at least.
  • How much are hot tubs? Larger models will typically run in the range of $10,000 to $15,000. There is, however, a wide range in prices owing to differences in seating, jets, add-ons, and more that vary by model.
  • Although hot tubs and spas will cost a lot more than a game table, they have the advantage of being a yearlong feature your friends will enjoy. A foosball table might get old after a while, but a hot tub rarely does.

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