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Getting Into the Parent Trap How High Tuboplasty Success Rates Are Helping Parents to Become Parents


Pregnancy after tubal reversal

Perhaps one of the greatest — if not the greatest — joy in life is creating life yourself. Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, doing your part to conceive a child in your respective capacity is natural, primal urge that is natural to feel and experience. It has little to nothing to do with your sex, gender identity or presentation, sexual preference, or sexuality; the desire to procreate is normal, natural, and strong. Even parents that experience unplanned pregnancies experience a sheer sense of joy after the initial shock and fear wear off. Unplanned pregnancies are truly blessings in disguise!

Unfortunately, not all couples are able to conceive naturally and may need a little help due to infertility. Although many couples find this process frustrating, emotionally draining, and isolating, it’s important to note that many couples face issues related to infertility, perhaps more than you think. Furthermore, infertility is often thought of as a “woman’s issue”, when in fact, infertility in men is also quite common. The good news is that there are a variety of medications and surgical procedures that are extremely effective in helping couples achieve their dreams of having children of their own.

For example, tuboplasty success rates are quite high and allow women to conceive naturally, which is after all, the purpose of tuboplasty. The tuboplasty definition refers to a number of surgical procedures that involve attempting to restore a woman’s fallopian to full functionality. As infertility surgical procedures and technology continue to improve, tuboplasty success rates continue to improve and already quite high. It’s among one of the most common infertility procedures for women, allowing them and their partner (or even single mothers) to experience the joys of parenthood in the natural way.

Because of the high tuboplasty success rates, many parents are able to enjoy the benefits of tuboplasty — pregnancy — with little to no problem. The ability that couples have to experience high tuboplasty success rates often puts their fears at ease regarding the procedure and can even be a bonding experience for many couples who face the challenge of overcoming fertility together. Remember, infertility affects many, many couples and individuals, but finding solutions to it can actually be a way of bringing couples together.

Although tuboplasty success rates are very high, it’s important to understand that there are many underlying causes of infertility that may not necessarily be related to a genetic defect or deficiency. This is true for both men and women, and having a firm understanding of what these causes are can help couples and individuals understand their bodies and their ability to conceive naturally much better.

Many people already know that age can be a determining factor when it comes it infertility, especially for women. However, thanks to advances in medical technology and a better understanding of women’s health issues, women are now able to safely and naturally conceive well into their 40’s and even early 50’s! While older women do face an increased risk pregnancy complications, many, many older women are able to enjoy natural, healthy pregnancies with little to no risks at all.

Aside from age, other factors that can decrease a person’s ability to reproduce and lead to infertility include diet and exercise, or lack thereof! Eating an unhealthy diet can severely limit a person’s ability to reproduce. However it’s not always about eating foods that lead to obesity. Women, for example, need a certain amount of body fat in order to maintain a regular monthly menstrual cycle in which an egg is released for fertilization. Women who exercise excessively or eat diets that unnecessarily low in fat may not have a monthly period, thus severely limiting their ability to conceive naturally.

Similarly, men who eat poorly or fail to live an active lifestyle can also experience issues regarding infertility and sperm quality. Regular exercise helps a man retain his natural and healthy levels of testosterone, so it’s important for men to stay as active as possible. Furthermore, men are encouraged to wear loose fitting undergarments to help maintain their reproductive health.

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