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From Leg Injuries To Mental Health The Variety Of Services Offered By Affordable World Class Urgent Care


Not all injuries and illnesses are the same.

Some are so painful you actively fear for your life and reach for 911. Others are minor enough to have you attempting a DIY home treatment. What about the ones that hover somewhere in the middle, though? Those ailments that trouble you enough to keep you from focusing on your work, but aren’t serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room? With 2019 in full swing, learning the ins and outs of all your medical resources is essential to living a healthy life.

World class urgent care providers are more than familiar with the questions that come with these moderate aches and pains. From a beach injury to wound treatment, here are just a few of the things an urgent care center can provide you.

Emergency Rooms Are Commonly Misused…With Expensive Results

You might not think it’s easy to misuse the emergency room, but statistics say otherwise. Emergency room visits number over 110 million every year. A recent study found out that between 45% and 65% of all these visits could have actually been treated at an urgent care center. This can mean the difference between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars. Not only are urgent care centers cheaper, recent data has found 60% of all the centers in the United States have a wait time of 15 minutes or less.

All Sports Injuries Should Be Taken Seriously, Even If They Seem Fine

Have you gotten an injury from surfing or swimming? It’s best you take it to a walk in clinic so you know you’re good to go. According to the CDC there were over three and a half million concussions reported back in 2012, double what was reported a decade ago. Many of these injuries can even seem benign at first, pronouncing themselves a week or two after the fact. Whether it’s an aching shin or a deep cut, make sure a doctor is giving you a helping hand.

Chronic Pain Can Be Assessed And Treated At An Urgent Care Center

It’s not just wound infection you should consider, either. Chronic pain affects millions of American adults today, but only some receive treatment for their symptoms. This includes (but is not limited to) hip pain, knee pain, neck pain, lower back pain, and wrist pain. What will urgent care do for back pain and shoulder pain? They can provide a physical to get to the root of the problem, offer consultation on how to reduce your symptoms, and give you a referral.

Preventative Care Is An Important Part Of Your Routine

Lastly, you should consider visiting your world class urgent care providers regardless of your condition. Preventative care is an essential part of keeping you healthy and staving off serious conditions in the future. The UCAOA 2015 Benchmarking Survey saw nearly 90% of all urgent care centers seeing an increase in patient visits since 2014. You can ask a doctor about STD testing or updating your vaccinations. You can also request a physical or a pap smear if you’re overdue.

World Class Urgent Care Providers Are Affordable And Accessible

Urgent care centers are one of your most useful and affordable resources. There are over 20,000 walk in clinics strewn across the United States, all boasting short wait times and high quality care. Not only will you keep your condition from getting worse, you’ll get the help and consultation you need to stay confident in your health. You can even ask about mental health services, such as a diagnosis or a referral to a therapist. One way or another, world class urgent care providers are here to help.

Stay healthy in 2019. Take your back pain, sports injury, or anxiety concerns to a walk in clinic for treatment.

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