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Four Creative Ways to Feel Like Newlyweds Again


Couples trip

Are you looking for a good way to reconnect with your significant other? Relationships take work, and it’s easy to lose sight of that. No matter how much you love your better half, sometimes life gets in the way and you suddenly realize you’re just functioning like roommates rather than life partners. When that happens, it can be beneficial to hit the pause button and tear down the wall that you’ve built up between you. We’ve put together a creative ideas for doing that.

Four Creative Ways to Feel Like Newlyweds Again

  1. Two words: Couples Massage

    There are about a hundred reasons that a couples spa trip is a winning answer. Many times, the root of marital problems is stress. Stress about finances. Stress about work responsibilities. Stress about day to day responsibilities. Stress stress stress. Stress is a real buzzkill.

    What better way to cut through the stress than with a massage? Massages have been scientifically demonstrated to reduce stress levels and relieve tension in the muscles that build up as you bear the load of stress. It’s not just a theory. It’s a science, people. When you add in the “couples” part of the “couples massage,” it’s a fail-proof plan. Any activity that you and your partner share is an opportunity to bond again, and to rebuild that connection that might have gotten rusty over time. What better way to bond through a shared activity than the shared activity of scientific stress relief?

    We’ll throw this in for free: One of the most powerful ways to reconnect with your significant other is in the bedroom. Couples massage is a good great way to get in the mood for a little mattress magic.

  2. Rekindle the Mattress Magic
    Remember when you and your lover first connected? You couldn’t take your hands off each other. The chemistry was undeniable. Over time, it’s easy to let that fire die out. You work hard all day long, and when you have some time to yourselves, you just fall asleep on the couch. Maybe you make time for the horizontal tango, but you’re lazy about it and the goal is to get it over with so you can cross it off your to-do list. (Let’s be real, this is okay from time to time, but it can’t be the only physical connection you get.)

    You might be amazed how much you connect with your spouse by taking some time to spice it up behind closed doors. Take the time to look your best, not only for your spouse, but because feeling confident will make your bedroom time best. You don’t have to make it complicated; just take the time to do it right. Make out. Give the time all your attention. You’ll be really amazed how it reminds you of the days it was new and exciting.

  3. Take a Weekend Getaway.

    Sometimes the best way to remove all the distractions that build up between you and your significant other is to just get away from it all and focus on each other. Set aside time to have a nice trip together. Relax by the pool together. Take a hike together. Do nothing together. Unplug from reality and just spend some quality time with the one you (should) love the most.

    Maybe you don’t have the time and money for a big fancy weekend trip. We get that. That’s called life. However, it’s no reason that you can’t make your own little love getaway. Schedule a day that you are both available, and dedicate it to being together. Go on a picnic. Visit a local park together. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to rebuild the foundation of your relationship.
  4. Talk.

    This might be the least creative item on the list, but it’s worth being mentioned because it’s important. If you ask any couple that has made it for a long time what the secret to their success is, they will almost always answer communication. Talking is critical for working out problems effectively. It’s also important for maintaining a friendship, a building block in keeping the magic alive. Just talk. That’s it.

What do you think? Do you have any other great ideas for keeping the magic alive? Share below!

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