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Flu-Related Hospitalizations Are On The Rise Today’s Common Misconceptions About Vaccinations


Vaccinations are responsible for saving millions. Even as technology progresses and old diseases are eradicated, this statement will hold true for quite some time to come.

Your responsibility is to make sure these vaccinations are not just delivered, but maintained. A single vaccine has the ability to keep an individual protected against common diseases, some debilitating and others deadly. It spreads beyond them, however, to protect several others who are unable to be vaccinated due to health complications. Likewise…failing to distribute seqirus flucelvax properly can expose vulnerable individuals to hospitalization. As the saying goes: a little goes a long way.

What varieties do vaccines come in? How have they changed over the years? Learn more about the hard work that goes into distributing vaccines today.

Vaccinations Are An Essential Ingredient In A Healthy Society

Without vaccinations it’s hard to imagine where we would be as a society. Several debilitating and deadly illnesses have either been drastically reduced or eradicated thanks to the growth of vaccinations. From arm-to-arm inoculation to the pre-filled syringes we use today, vaccines have done so much to keep us living safe and healthy lives. Sadly, there are too many adults and children today living without protection. A recent study found nearly 10% of all children between the ages of 19 and 35 months don’t receive polio vaccinations.

Deadly Viruses And Common Illnesses Alike Are Kept At Bay

Polio can cause permanent muscle damage and paralysis. Measles comes with several highly painful symptoms, with some complications seeing respiratory damage and even brain damage. Even the flu, widely known to be a common illness, can cause hospitalization. A single vaccine shot (and in a few cases, several over the course of several months) provide protection for both the individual and their community. Global measles mortality has decreased by 85% thanks to vaccinations.

The Flu Is Starting To See More Complications Lately

It’s difficult to imagine the flu being deadly, but these stories have become more common these past few years. Common side-effects of the flu include muscle aches, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration. Certain populations, such as the elderly and very young children, can face potential complications from the flu. Infected adults are able to pass on the flu beginning just one day before symptoms develop. The seqirus flucelvax vaccine is essential in preventing the vast majority of flu cases.

There Are Still Many Misconceptions About Vaccinations Today

There are many families today who avoid receiving vaccinations due to misconceptions about what they do to the human body. The function of a vaccine is to provide a weakened version of the illness to provide the immune system with the building blocks of protection. While complications can come from a vaccine, they’re exceedingly rare and are often connected to ingredients within the making of the vaccine, such as egg allergies. The seqirus flucelvax isn’t just a line of defense for the individual, but those who are unable to receive conventional multi-dose vaccines. This is just one of the many tasks you need to complete when distributing protection.

Maintaining Vaccines Is A Daily Effort With A Long-Term Impact

Just one vaccine can protect thousands. Failed flu vaccines, likewise, can put thousands at risk. Your preservative-free vaccines and pre-filled syringes need to be kept at a steady temperature to keep them from losing their effectiveness. This means double-checking the temperature of the fridge every time it’s accessed, even if nothing is removed, and taking immediate action when there’s a drop. Immunization is estimated to prevent two to three million deaths per year, according to studies by the World Health Organization.

Keep your patients safe. Look after the quality of your seqirus flucelvax vaccines and spread awareness about the lives they save.

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