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Five Reasons Telemedicine Makes Medical Care Easier


These days, the world is all about convenience. We’re all coming and going all the time and convenience makes life easier when we’re going here and there. We can stop into stores or cafes and buy grab-and-go option; we can order things with a few clicks of a button; we can watch movies and TV shows anywhere on we go; we can look up important information in a matter of seconds.

Your health is no different. If you’re always on the go, you don’t have time to get sick. What’s more, you don’t have time to go into emergency rooms and doctors offices and wait and wait and wait for your name to be called. In short, you need convenient medical care for your busy life.

How can you get convenient medical care? You get it through telemedicine. With telemedicine, you don’t have to make a trip into your doctors office. You can simply visit your doctor through an online chat. In recent years, telemedicine is being used by health care companies increasingly and patients are responding. Studies have indicated that 52% of people are willing to use virtual healthcare to see their provider. The fact that they’re willing to do so indicates the average patients desire for medical care.

Let’s be honest, doctors these days get swamped with patients. Off the top of your head you can probably think back to the last few times you went to a doctors office or the ER and waited forever. It costs you time and money and often leaves you frustrated rather than relieved. The numbers don’t lie either. The average American physician gets north of 3,500 visits a year and specialists get more than 2,500. With so many patients, doctors only spend about 15 minutes on each patient, which may or may not be enough time.

So how can telemedicine offer convenient medical care? Here are five advantages to using telemedicine:

  • Options: One of the best ways telemedicine offers convenient medical care is by offering on-demand options when it comes to treatment. Let’s say you have a cold or flu symptoms or even allergies. If you can’t schedule a doctors appointment, insurance companies offer on-demand treatment options you can easily get access to with the use of telemedicine, almost like a 24 hour urgent care.
  • No waiting in offices: With telemedicine, the days of waiting on offices to see the doctor can be a thing of the past. Rather than waiting, you can schedule a virtual appointment for a teleconference or video conference and get needed medical advice in just minutes.
  • No demands on time: Another benefit of telemedicine is not having to take time off work to take children or relatives into the doctors office or ER. That gets rid of a lot of stress and allows you more privacy for discussing medical issues.
  • Staying healthy: Another benefit of telemedicine is people actually stay healthier. Why? With telemedicine, you’re not stuck waiting in offices with other people who are sick, having to wear a surgical mask to avoid germs. Instead, you can be in your own home, talking to your doctor and staying in a healthy environment.
  • Talking with specialists: If you need to see a specialist for a specific or sensitive medical issue, telemedicine or an online doctor offers the chance to have confidential, private conversations with your doctor. This is convenient for privacy reasons, but also gives you the chance to talk with your specialist rather than potentially having to drive long distances to see them.

No one enjoys going to the doctors office, but telemedicine can make the experience a lot easier. Through telemedicine you’ll be able to talk with your doctor about sensitive issues, get a variety of treatment options, you have more freedom with your time and money, you don’t have to spend time waiting to get treatment and ultimately you’re going to stay healthier. So the next time you need on-demand care, make a virtual doctor appointment with your doctors office. You’ll be glad you did.

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