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Finding the Right Men’s Grooming Products


Men today have more options than ever for personal grooming, so that many man can look and smell his best to impress. This goes beyond a stick of deodorant and a daily shower; the industry of men’s grooming around the world is much bigger than some may expect, and there’s a staggering variety of products for today’s man to try out, from after shave lotion for men to body power for guys all the way to face wash for men and beard care products. Beards and mustaches may be associated with lumberjacks and 19th century train barons, but in fact many men today also maintain a finely groomed beard or mustache, and this means having the right trimming and shaving gear possible to maintain a man’s good looks. Other men keep themselves clean-shaven on the jaw or their head, and this means that products like good razors, after shave lotion for men, certain brushes, and more are needed to get that perfect shave. Just how big is this industry now, and what kinds of grooming products should today’s men get his hands on?

The Men’s Grooming Market

The market for men’s grooming products, from razors and special shampoos all the way to after shave lotion for men and beyond is a robust one the world over. In fact, it’s growing; experts predict that it is currently worth a huge $29.14 billion USD, and it may be much bigger in the next few years. Some expects believe that the American market for shaving goods, in particular, may reach $3.37 billion by 2020, a 10% increase. And around the world, the men’s personal care market is due to reach $166 billion in size by 2022, and will probably grow at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2016 until 2022. And as of today, statistics show that plenty of customers are very much interested in finding after shave lotion for men and other products like mens shaving oil or male deodorant. A June 2017 Statista survey showed that 57% of American men aged 30-59 years use shampoo daily, and many other men opt to keep and maintain beards. Another survey showed that 18% of respondents use beard care products daily, and it is estimated that 39% of American men have facial hair today, which is in fact an increase of 15% compared to just five years ago. With all these beards and more to trim or shave, what should a man get?

The Right Shave and Grooming Strategy

A man who wants to get a great shave will have all the right gear in his kit and know how to use it for great results, from after shave lotion for men to a sharp razor, shaving cream, and optionally, a circular brush. A man will use the sink and mirror in his bathroom to get this job done. First, he may apply warm water to his face and pat it off, then apply shaving cream on all areas to be shaved. Now, he will place his razor at his temple and gently and smoothly shave downwards in long strokes, and at the end of every stroke, he should empty out all shaved whiskers to keep the razor clean. He will repeat this process until all whiskers and shaving cream is gone. Optionally, right before the shave, he can use a small, circular brush with horse hair bristles in a swirling motion on the jaws and cheeks to make all the hair stand up and in face the same direction so that they are easier to shave. The last step is to apply aftershave to help prevent razor burn as well as give the shaver a nice scent. Men shaving the tops of their heads can use a similar strategy, adding extra mirrors so that he can see the back of his head and not miss patches of hair.

Other male grooming products can complete a customer’s image alongside after shave lotion for men and other shaving goods. Shampoo can not only clear out all oil and dirt in the hair but also give the customer a great personal scent, and deodorant can do a similar job, too. Men can also use body powder to absorb sweat and prevent bacteria from building up on the skin.

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