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Finding the Right Fitness Program for You


Finding a fitness program that fits your goals and delivers actual results is not as easy as it sounds. If you’re looking to build muscle or shed a couple of pounds then drafting a comprehensive fitness program is a step in the right direction. However, finding the right fitness program to match your goals is imperative in the actualization of your body and fitness goals.

This article will shed light on how to find the perfect fitness program that will deliver that killer bod.

How to Find the Perfect Fitness Routine

If weight loss is among your yearly goals, aside from a good nutritionist and fitness coach, a comprehensive fitness program aligned to your health and fitness goals is almost half the process. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all fitness program for everyone, and plenty of the andquot;miraculous fitnessandquot; programs you find online may not be tailored to your particular body type and will not give you the desired outcome, even after following it to the letter. Here is how to find the perfect fitness and weight loss program.

1. Clearly Define Your Goals

The first step in finding the ultimate fitness program is to clearly establish and write down the goals of your fitness program. Doing so will give your routine direction and will help whittle down to just a few workout routines that may work for you. Most people embrace a health journey for weight loss, in fact, about one in every three adult in the country is considered obese. A good fitness program will help jump start your health journey and will keep obesity at bay but only if you adhere to it.

Your goals may center on the following things

  • To get shredded- Build muscle and have a lean physique
  • To get stronger- Involves building muscle to increase strength
  • To lose weight- With help from a nutritionist, a routine will help shed some pounds
  • Health reasons- To avoid complications arising from bad lifestyle choices
  • Improved state of mind- tailor your routine so that you don’t end up hating it, if you are working out to be happy

2. Find out How Much exercise You Actually Need

Depending on your current body state and advice from your nutritionist you need to deduce how much exercise you actually need to meet your goals. 150 minutes of moderate cardio is always a nice place to start but once you take your exercising up a notch higher, cut down to about 75 minutes of very high intensity workers for starters. You are, of course, free to adjust your intensity to fit your fitness progression so you don’t stagnate. If you are looking to build muscles, then find a programs that isolates about 30 to 60 minutes for resistance training.

3. Find a Nutritionist

Ask any fitness expert and they’ll tell you the same thing, nutrition plays an equally or even more important role in defining your fitness journey. So if you’ve ever pondered whether finding a nutritionist is worth the trouble. Then the simple answer is yes, remember you can’t lose weight if you consume more calories than you burn, and counting and balancing calories on your own rarely gives you accurate figures. A nutritionist will fuse your fitness program with a diet that complements it so that you get the best out of your fitness programs. A nutritionist can also help determine your metabolic rate to help you determine just how much exercise you need to see the results you need. So don’t second guess whether you need a certified nutritionist.

4. Find a Program You Enjoy

Your workout program does not have to be grueling and torturous to see some change. A program that is too strenuous or extremely difficult will do more harm than good. So remember to find a fitness routine that will get the blood pumping and make you feel the burn, but remember there are limits to just how much exercise the body can take. Find a program that you will enjoy so you don’t give up along the way.

Remember a good fitness program is good for the mind, body and soul. Ensure you have the above in check and you’re well on your way in finding the perfect fitness program.

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