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EMF Blockers Protect Against Harmful Radiation


Emf shielding

Electromagnetic forces or EMFs are the radiation emitted by power lines and electronic devices like cell phones and computers. Even though studies have shown a link between EMFs and childhood cancer, there is no regulation of EMF exposure and no official guidelines for what constitutes a safe level of exposure to the radiation. Despite the lack of official guidance and standards, there are ways of blocking EMFs, such as bioshield devices that can be worn as jewelry for personal protection.

What are EMFs?
EMFs are the low level radiation associated with the production and transmission of electricity. Cell phones, computers and other electronic devices also emit radiation. With the phenomenal growth in the use of personal computers and cell phones, exposure to EMFs has grown exponentially. Even when they are not in use, wireless phones emit EMFs constantly, 24 hours a day.
Certain locations are more likely to increase the risk of exposure to EMFs. Proximity to cell phone towers, power transmission lines and electric substations increases exposure to radiation. Unfortunately, many cell phone towers are located in the vicinity of schools and daycare centers.

Are EMFs harmful to humans?
The magnetic fields produced by EMFs have been linked to childhood cancer. More research is needed but a study in 2010 that focused on children and adolescents between the ages of 8 and 17 years found that even short-term EMF exposure led to headaches, irritation, and trouble in concentrating in school. Another study conducted in 2012, founds that cells explored to EMF showed signs of physiological stress after a year and a half.
EMFs are a form of non-ionizing radiation, include microwaves, radio frequencies from wireless devices and the fields associated with electricity. A group of 190 scientists from 40 countries has asked the the U.N. and the WHO for to define limits for exposure in order to provide protection against non-ionizing radiation.

Who is at risk from EMFs?
Specially vulnerable groups are empaths or people with high electromagnetic sensitivity, children and people with ADHD, Aspergers or autism spectrum disorders. People who live or work near cell phone towers, power lines or electric substations are also at risk, as are people who use computers for extended periods of time.
Experts advise people who live or work near cell phone towers to look into using EMF blockers. That means if there is a cell phone tower within 328 yards or 984 feet of you, in an unobstructed straight line, you could be at risk.

Are there any ways to block EMFs?
In the absence of any government regulation of EMFs or guidelines for protection, many people seek targeted protection devices as ways to block EMF. It is especially important to protect children, since their small size makes them more vulnerable. Many people think that if they just hold their cell phones at least an inch away from their faces, they can minimize exposure and risk, but they may be wrong.
Bioshield devices that combine a shielding device that can be plugged in with a necklace provide personal protection. These devices can be customized to provide the level correct level of shielding, depending on the individual’s needs. Special devices are available for children, and for those suffering from ADHD, Aspergers and autism spectrum disorders. Bioshield devices are available for rooms and automobiles as well.
These devices work by deflecting and neutralizing EMFs. In practice, users have found that these are effective ways to block EMFs and surround themselves with positive energy.

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