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Don’t Let Mental Illness Control Your Life


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Over the past twenty to twenty five years, mental illness has received a considerable amount of attention. A Maryland psychologist or Washington DC psychologists can provide patients with mental illness with the diagnosis and treatment of most common mental disorders. A psychologist in Maryland, or a psychologist washington dc, is a highly educated, trained, and skilled practitioner who can use various strategies to diagnose and treat successfully mental illnesses such a major depression, bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, and self harming behaviors. A Maryland psychologist can employ a variety of treatment techniques that will help patients to overcome or effectively cope with their symptoms.

The pervasiveness of mental illness and methods for treating it required years of research. Such research found that many people develop mental illness during by their mid twenties, but symptoms may not manifest themselves until well after middle age. Over thirty percent of those who suffer from bipolar disorder come from a family with a history of mental illness. Illnesses such as self harming behaviors often manifests itself through cutting. Studies have shown that over eight percent of teens in Australia engage in self harming activities. To treat mental illnesses such as those mentioned above, a Maryland psychologist will use psychotherapy, among other treatments.

A Maryland psychologist can help those who suffer with mental illness to learn techiques and strategies to learn to cope with whichever mental illness one suffers. At times, a Maryland psychologist may even work with a patient until he or she completely overcomes the illness. Regardless of the results of treatment, a Maryland psychologist will help his or her patients to live long, productive, satisfying lives. Read this website for more information:

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