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Do You Struggle With Chronic Pain Or Falling Asleep? A Heating Pad Might Help


Lavender scented heat wrap

Do you struggle with chronic pain? You’re in luck. When stiff shoulders or a sore neck threaten to get you down, there’s an aromatherapy neck pillow or lavender heat wrap there to help. Sometimes you’re unable to get to a physical therapist as quickly as you’d like, leaving you weeks or even months struggling to cope with aching, soreness and lancing pain up and down your body. With the aid of a lavender heat wrap you can reduce your pain, tackle your stress and even make it easier to sleep at night. If you’re not sure how these work, check out the list below to see how you can take care of yourself in style.

Why Are So Many Americans Stressed Out?

Stress is the great equalizer. It affects Americans of all shapes and sizes, affecting their ability to socialize, relax and even sleep at the end of a long day. Ongoing studies conducted by psychology professionals have revealed two-thirds of men and women saying work has a noticeable impact on their stress levels — one in four have either called in sick or taken what’s known as a ‘mental health day’ in an attempt to cope and recover. All in all? Workplace stress causes up to one million employees missing work every day. What can a lavender heat wrap do to help? Keep on reading!

What If I Have Chronic Pain?

Back, neck and shoulder pain are some of the most common sources of chronic pain in the United States. Additional sources can include wrist pain and foot pain. Ranging from mild to severe, this can impact your day-to-day life and make it seem like there’s no end in sight. A lavender heat wrap or heated back wrap can tackle your pain with heat and scent, urging constricted muscles to loosen up and your pain to lessen to more manageable levels. Essential oils have been used in various therapeutic processes for well over 6,000 years, stemming from ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures to the products we know and love today.

What If I Have Trouble Sleeping?

There’s little quite so frustrating than not being able to get the sleep you need to recover after a long, hard day. Studies have revealed over 60 million Americans suffering from either ongoing sleep deprivation caused by stress or active sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or insomnia. Back in 1942 the average American would hit eight hours at night. Nowadays? Six and a half. Sleep professionals recommend seven to nine hours per night for most adults, with a lack of sleep contributing to a lowered immune system, poor mental health and chronic pain.

Which Essential Oils Should I Try?

One of the best things about essential oils is just how well they help manage stress. While smelling fantastic, no less! A lavender heat wrap does the dual work of soothing aching muscles while creating a more harmonious emotional state, as lavender is widely used to encourage feelings of calm, relaxation and pleasantness. Lemon is a great pick-me-up and mint is commonly used to discourage nausea and anxiety, perfect if your stress is compounded by mental illness. Sleep and a less stressful week has never been easier thanks to the aid of a quality neck wrap or microwaveable heat wrap.

Should I Use A Lavender Heat Wrap?

In a short? Absolutely. A lack of sleep is proven to have disastrous long-term effects and unchecked stress can lead to consequences such as illness, further missed work and difficulty socializing. Getting more hours of sleep has been positively associated with having a higher sense of well-being and a survey commissioned by the National Sleep Foundation saw nine out of 10 respondents saying comfortable pillows or a good mattress are essential to encouraging promising sleep patterns. When chronic pain is dragging you down and you’re not sure if you need to seek professional help, a Sunny Bay lavender scented heat wrap can be the middleman you’ve been needing. Try it out and put a dent in your stress sometime this week. Your body will thank you.

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