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Do You Really Need A Hospital Trip? Check Out An Urgent Care Portland Location Instead


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Urgent care centers have been around since the 1970’s in the US and employ about 129,043 people. Ailments not severe or serious enough to warrant a hospital visit can be treated at an urgent care center. Sprains, fractures, upper respiratory infections, and gastrointestinal issues are common causes for urgent care visits. Criteria for urgent care centers was established in April of 2009 by The Urgent Care Association of America. Also, 97 percent of urgent care centers offer pre packaged prescriptions even though some states have laws preventing this.

Urgent care Beaverton and urgent care portland oregon offices specialize in getting patients in and out of their offices as quickly as possible and treating people on the spot without having to make appointments ahead of time. Should a true and slightly more dire emergency occur then a hospital may be the best option.

Often urgent care Portland offices will deal with injuries such as wounds that are not too serious but may require stitches, sprains and possible breaks of certain bones such as ankles or wrists, certain symptoms of illness, and more. There are even urgent care Std testing portland offices available. These urgent care Portland offices can sometimes operate during hours that are more helpful to patients than a regular doctor portland office.

If you would like to find out more about the urgent care Portland clinics in your area you can search online for recommended urgent care Portland locations. You may choose to utilize a map application or website on the Internet to find out more about the exact locations of the urgent care clinics so that you can get a better idea of where they are.

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