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Do You or a Family Member Need Increased Mobility? Consider a Stair Lift


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Do you need improved mobility around your home? Perhaps you have a family member who needs to be able to get around the house more efficiently. An indoor or outdoor stair lift, or wheelchair lifts for that matter, may be the best solution to the issue.

The engineer C.C. Crispen created the first stair lift during the 1920’s in order to help a friend in need to move more easily between the floors of the house. Today, stair lifts–also referred to as stair gliders or chair lifts–typically have such features included like a key switch, battery isolation switches, variable seat height, seat belts, rails that “flip up,” folding steps, and more.

If the stairs are wide enough, stairway lifts are comprised of a chair or other platform that is connected to a rail, which in turn is connected to the stairs or the wall alongside the stairs. Another option is the wheelchair stair lift, which enables the wheelchair to be elevated to the next floor with the help of the powered lift.

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