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How Many Sports Does Your College Offer?

It is an aggressive goal, but the small Division III liberal arts school is hoping to add 10 sports within the next three years. By achieving this goal they will grow the student enrollment significantly and increase the percentage of athletes on campus from the current 40% to 74%. By working toward having three of every four students on campus involved in a sport, the goal is that the school will also increase retention and graduation rates. Research continues to show that small college students who are involved in a sport are 4% more likely to complete their decreases students who are not athletes.
And while these plans may look good on paper, the one drawback is that the plan is to add all of these athletes with the existing facilities. This means that one already over crowded training room will be even more crowded, as well as under staffed. The existing facilities, of course, will be a problem for some of the additions, but the athletic director and college president seem to t