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The Many Purposes of Supplements From Dietary to Breast Health and Beyond

Hormonal balance supplements

Many people in the United States take multi-vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure that they are receiving the necessary nutrients they need. These dietary supplements continue to be popular, with over 1/3 of Americans taking them on a regular basis. Approximately 2/3 of adults take at least one type of supplement, and these tend to consist of multi-vitamins and minerals.

Supplements, however, are best when in combination with a healthy diet. While a certain percentage of adults may choose to abstain from meat and animal products, there are other sources of protein. The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults should consume at least 0.8 grams of protein a day for every kilogram of their body weight.

It’s recommended that adults over 50 obtain the vitamin B12 they need through either fortified foods or dietary supplements, according to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines. While fish, red meat, poultry, and eggs contain B12, various vegetables, fruits, whole grains, oils, and milk products do as well. There are also a variety of breakfast cereals that are fortified with B12.

When adults consume a healthy diet and are physically active, it can often make a difference in their overall health. Total energy expenditure may be up to 50% with a particularly active individual, while for sedentary individuals, it may be less than 20%. Engaging in regular cardio-vascular-boosting exercise, such as taking a brisk walk for 10 minutes a day, can potentially assist with increasing a person’s metabolism.

In addition to taking basic dietary supplements, many people turn to supplements to boost their immune system, provide hormonal support, and to increase their metabolism. There are a variety of supplements available, for instance, that can also assist with detoxification.

Women, for example, may begin a regimen of breast health supplements before or during menopause. In addition to breast health supplements, women may also take supplements to alleviate occasional hot flashes and other symptoms that may occur during menopause. For women that have experienced breast cancer, there are specific breast health supplements that may be recommended.

Men may choose to take prostrate supplements to promote prostrate health. There are a variety of top prostrate supplements available for this purpose. In addition, they may take prostrate health supplements to shrink an enlarged prostrate, which is an issue that often occurs with men as they age. Hormone balance supplements may also be recommended prior, during, or after cancer treatment.

When adults haven’t been physically active and choose to begin an exercise regime, it’s also important to consult with the proper experts. There are supplements to speed up metabolism, which may be recommended during this time. When an exercise program is tailored to the individual, their specific needs, and abilities, there is a greater chance of meeting optimal weight and activity goals.

Supplements can provide a variety of benefits. It is, however, important to consult with medical practitioners and related experts before taking supplements. This is particularly important when taking other medications, going through chemotherapy, or experiencing other types of health issues or conditions.