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Sports Massages Could Be the Answer to a Fuller Life

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When you lead an active lifestyle, you are generally working on maintaining a life of health and wellness. The benefits of staying fit and active are countless, and generally lead not only to a longer life, but one of higher quality as well. There are stories upon stories detailing the incredible transformations of those who put in the work to improve their health and wellness, and how much more alive they feel after reaching a higher level of fitness.

However the process of reaching those higher heights does not come without some pain. Starting new health regimens, building up to more intensive workouts, and pushing yourself to new limits can be quite taxing on your body. Many workouts are followed by moans and groans of aches and pains, and if you are not careful, those aches and pains can turn into actual injuries rather than the stress of new muscles building up to be stronger. For this reason, many active individuals take advantage of the many benefits of sports massages.

Using massage therapy to stay fit

There are many types of therapeutic massage
, from sports massage to massages for injury rehabilitation or pain management. There are also a number of massage techniques, and a variety of the lengths of massages as well. Some could be focused on certain muscle groups, some might employ a technique for reaching deeper tissues. Some may only last 15 minutes, while others last 90 minutes. It all depends on the needs of your body, the amount of time you have available, and the regularity or frequency that you get your massages. One thing seems to be clear, and that is that the majority of those who get massages, at 92% according to one poll, agree that this type of treatment is definitely effective at diminishing the amount of pain they were feeling when they first came in for the massage.

Getting a sports massage can help ease the tension and relieve the pain in your muscles, allowing you to continue to be mobile, and get you back to your regular workout routine. This means that keeping up on your massage therapy can help you stay fit, keep you on your feet, and keep you in motion. One thing that many active individuals report is that staying fit and active allows them to enjoy more in life, as they generally have more energy, and sometimes even more flexibility, mobility, stamina, and range of activities in which they feel capable of participating.

Making your health and fitness a priority

In today’s society, it is far too easy to let one’s health fall by the wayside. The more affordable food is often the less nutritious, and there is a far heavier push toward a dedication to work than there is encouragement toward a healthy personal life. But there are always ways to make time. It is not always the easiest thing to do to rearrange priorities. In fact, there are times that it might be quite difficult and painful. But your health should be the most important thing, as there is very little that you can do for your job, your family, or your friends if you are not healthy enough to do it. This is where it is important to remember that there is help available. Many personal trainers, counselors, and other life coaches have the tools, advice, and resources that you might need to refocus your life and your priorities.

A healthy life is essential. Your job and other responsibilities can be important too, but maintaining your health and in fact propelling yourself to a new level of health will help you to thrive in every other aspect of your life. Just keep in mind that you may need to schedule a quality sports massage every now and then, to keep those growing muscles from aching too badly.

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The Different Ways Massage Works for Pain Management

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Massage therapy is one of the most popular and effective techniques for pain management. A therapeutic massage can do wonders for the body. It is no surprise that millions of people return week after week for a full body massage for pain purposes. The massage therapy for pain actually works in a few different ways to decrease pain levels. This is what makes it so great for the treatment of so many different types of pain conditions.

Release of tensed muscles
There are many activities that we do throughout the day that lead to a tightening of muscles. We sit at a desk with our necks craned over a computer for many hours of the day. We sit on the couch throughout the evening, with little movement. We also spend a lot of time in commute, cramped in the same position, sometimes for hours. When these muscles become cramped, they cause pain on the surrounding muscles. Massage therapy for pain can reduce the tension in these muscles, allowing them to recover and take the strain off of the surrounding muscles.

Reduces stress and anxiety
Stress can negatively affect your health in many ways. You have probably noticed that you get sick easier and more often during times of high stress. Then, the illness or injury adds further stress to your life, and it seems to be a never ending cycle. Approximately 23% of massage consumers had a massage for relaxation and stress reduction between July 2013 and July 2014. Many massage techniques can physically and mentally reduce your levels of stress and anxiety.

Prevent recurring injuries
If you were ever severely injured, you might have noticed that that area remains sensitive and more prone to further injuries. Massage therapy for pain can not only reduce the pain in that area, but can also help to strengthen those muscles, encouraging them to heal for good. An area of the body that does not effectively heal is prone to arthritis and an increase in injuries. In July 2014, more than fifty four million American adults had discussed massage therapy with their doctors or health care providers in the previous year. You are likely to find that your physician is on board with a massage therapy specialist to effectively heal injuries.

Prevent hypertension
Some medical conditions, like hypertension can actually cause physical pain. Hypertension can be caused by poor diet, medical conditions, and stress. Considering that deep tissue massage therapy is so effective in the treatment of stress, it can also help with hypertension problems. In a recent study in the International Journal of Preventative Medicine, researchers concluded massage therapy could serve as an effective intervention in controlling blood pressure in pre hypertensive women. The study showed that the immediate results of lowered blood pressure lasting up to 72 hours after massage.

Increase energy and exercise
Every year, many people make it a resolution to begin a strict workout plan. Every year, many people fail. Working out can be difficult, especially if you are not used to it. It can bring on unfamiliar aches and pains and improper work out habits can actually cause injury to the body. Massage therapy for pain can actually help to increase your energy levels, also increasing your ability to work out regularly. The massage can reduce your tension levels, also releasing tightened muscles that are more prone to injury during exercise. The increased energy will help you stick to work out plans.

According to the AMTA 2014 consumer survey, an average of 15% of adult Americans received at least one massage between July 2013 and July 2014. Massages are so common among Americans for a variety of reasons, with pain management and pain reduction as the top reason. Massage therapy for pain has shown to be extremely effective, working in a variety of different ways to both reduce pain levels and prevent further pain and injuries from occurring.