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How the Medical Field Plans to Go Digital

Online doctor consultations

Approximately 35 percent of Americans have researched a medical condition online, according to a study from Pew Research. With the recent shift in everything traditional to everything digital, it is no surprise that even the medical field has begun to shift from a more traditional setting to a virtual medium. The explosion of online doctor care is just one example of the digital shift taking place in the medical field.

The idea behind online diagnosis and prescription is simple. It is a way for medical practitioners to communicate with their patients over the Internet, providing online doctor consultations through a virtual doctor.

Medical diagnosis websites are often faster and less expensive than traditional health care solutions like emergency rooms or walk in clinics. Online doctors can diagnose and help advise patients regarding cold and flu symptoms, urinary tract infections, sinus infections, allergies, hives, fever, etc.

Using an online doctor also allow for a bit of anonymity between patients who may be suffering from uncomfortable ailments, and are also incredibly convenient. They are also a way for medical practitioners to be even more connected with their patients no matter where they are.

Finally, an online physician can speed the prescription process, and lets patients be diagnosed more quickly than they would be if they were waiting in an office setting. Online doctor prescription is quicker and more efficient than traditional practices. While there are still some kinks to work out, it appears that the use of mobile health applications is on the rise, and could be a viable option to any patients who want to use it.
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