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Three Ways Scalp Pigmentation Can Improve Your Life

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When people start losing their hair, they oftentimes lose confidence in themselves, too. According to one major study, hair loss can trigger exaggerated feelings of ugliness, and may even lead to body dysmorphic disorder and even psychological disorders.

Thankfully, there’s scalp pigmentation — one of the most advanced hair restoration options out there. Scalp pigmentation is the process of covering bald spots with hair tattoos to simulate the look of an authentic buzz cut. It’s an affordable, non-invasive procedure and requires little to no down time.

Most importantly, this hair loss restoration treatment can return a person’s confidence. Here are a few reasons why this is a big deal.


Being more confident can make a person happier. Confidence building course instructors report that people who are more confident are also more happy and more satisfied with their lives. Confidence better equips a person to overcome their challenges, which results in more positive outcomes and naturally makes a person happier. This means that this hair loss restoration treatment makes patients feel happier.


According to the National Mental Health Information Center, high levels of self confidence indicate mental well being. Having more confidence helps people take better care of themselves, which naturally makes them healthier. Basically, losing your hair doesn’t mean losing your mind, thanks to hair loss restoration treatments.

More Social.

People who are more confident feel more at ease in social settings, because they’re less worried about what others think. They don’t need to seek out others’ approval. Since they’re not focusing on that, they can focus more on having a good time.

Essentially, scalp pigmentation is a hair loss restoration treatment that can make people happier, healthier, and more social. If you have any questions about this hair loss restoration solution, feel free to ask in the comments.