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Is the Air That You Breathe at Work Making You Sick?

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The wheezing has started again.
After a few months of few physical signs, the mold symptoms are returning. The itchy and watery eyes. The scratchy throat. The constant cough. And now the wheezing. More than frustrating, you fear the long term health effects of working in an office that has both mold and mildew issues. The fact that you are not the only employee who suffers the mildew and mold symptoms is little comfort when the owners fail to take a serious approach to the problem.
Unfortunately, and in spite of its dangers, mold problems in many homes and workplaces are at dangerous levels. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the effort to prevent mold in a home or office can become more time consuming and expensive if the initial warning signs are ignored. Small leaks that go undetected, for example, can become big problems if they occur in a location that creates water damage to drywall and insulation.
Although the southern Louisiana residents who are dealing with the extreme amount of rain that they have received this summer are getting much of the current attention, mold remediation services are an important part of public health concerns across the country. Like other diseases and health concerns, mold can be an even bigger problem for those individuals who are already the most vulnerable.
For instance, elderly residents who spend the majority of their time inside can be the most vulnerable victims of mold mold symptoms and the health concerns that they can cause. Did you know, for example, that while many shout their concerns about outdoor pollution at the top of their lungs, some research indicates that in many cases indoor air quality can actually be worse than outdoor pollution. One survey by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) indicates that as many as 131 million Americans breathe low-quality air on a regular basis. Some alarming estimates suggest the average time elderly Americans spend indoors is 19 to 20 hours a day, making this group the must vulnerable to mold and other dangerous indoor air pollutants.
And while the elderly are a major concern when it comes to indoor air quality and the presence of mold symptoms, conservative estimates indicate that as many as 30% to 50% of all structures in America have damp conditions which have been found to encourage the growth and buildup of biological pollutants, including mold and mildew.
And while some people only suffer mild mold symptoms, others with chronic conditions like asthma fight a constant battle to stay healthy when they are subjected to moldy environments. Unfortunately, asthma like some other health conditions are even more prevalent in lower income homes where mold and other triggers can be more common.
Home Mold Inspection and Remediation Services Are Complicated Events
Home and business owners need to contract with reliable licensed mold inspection and remediation providers. In addition, these experts need to be contacted sooner rather than later. In many cases, mold can begin growing within the first 24 hours of a water event. The initial inspection can alert both home and business owners to the areas where unseen damage may be occurring. There are more than 100,000 kinds of mold and scientists have identified than 200 toxic substances called mycotoxins which are the products of common molds. The identification of these molds is key to understanding the best treatment and elimination. And while most molds cannot survive at temperatures below 42 degrees or above 100 degrees, many molds thrive at comfortable room temperatures.
Remediation involves more than simply removing standing water and visible wet items. mold remidiation also includes successfully searching and finding any other wet or damaged areas that could result in the continued or extended growth of both mold and mildew. If your home or workplace has suffered any kind of water damage, or if family members or workers are experiencing symptoms of mold, it is essential that the problem is immediately inspected and treated. The quality of indoor air can be at least two to five times, or as much as 100 times, more polluted than the worst outside air pollution and mold and mildew are often major factors in these situations.

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7 Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home Today

Mold inspection panama city

You would probably never believe it if you heard that the indoor air quality is worse than outside air quality. With all the pollution and car emissions and toxins out in the world in this day and age, how could outside air possibly be even better than inside? Of course, we all understand how it begins to feel stuffy and all enclosed when the house is been shut up all day but we don’t realize actually because of the allergens and pollutants that are in the home. Even though the pollutants outside are worse for you, there is open space for them to dissipate into. Inside, there’s nowhere for them to go except to settle into your carpets and furniture and other areas. Here are some practical ways to improve indoor air quality in your home.

  1. Clean
    Even though it is a fairly common practice to procrastinate cleaning, it’s very important to have a regular cleaning schedule in order to reduce the allergens in the air to air.

    Dusting ? it is better to dust with a damp cloth or spray done with the feather duster. A feather duster make it the dust off the areas you were brushing but it doesn’t collect all of them in the duster, much of the dust will just settle somewhere else in the room.
    Sweeping – when sweeping make sure to get all the corners and baseboards of all the floors and try to do this every day or at least every other day.
    Vacuuming ? this should be done last so as to pick up any dust or particles that of been missed in your dusting and sweeping routines.

  2. Open a window
    If the weather permits, opening windows will let in fresh air and send out the inside air. If the weather does not allow you to open the windows then ceiling fans can help to circulate air as well. And exhaust fan can help grease and smoke another vapors not to be released into the air.

  3. Redecorating
    If you are in a position to remodel or renovate, remember your air quality when making your choices. hardwood or tile is easier to clean and traps less dirt than carpet does. Blinds will get less dusty than curtains and houseplants release oxygen and help to improve indoor air quality.

  4. Air purifiers
    An air purifier will do a lot to helping the quality of air. Home mold inspections have shown that a good majority of common molds grow because of non purified air. Make sure you get the right size purifier for your home.

  5. Change your filters
    Make sure that you are replacing the filters in your HVAC system at least every three months whether it is being used or not. In the summer you may want to change them more frequently.

  6. Laundry
    Are you one of those people that lets laundry pile up before you get it done? Fabric harbors so many dust mites and allergens. Try washing just one load a day to keep on top of the laundry as well as not allowing allergens to settle into it. This will also make your water use more efficient.

  7. Cut down on moisture
    In humid environments it is hard to minimize moisture but mold and mildew you thrive when the air is moist. If you live in a humid area you may want to invest in a dehumidifier. Bathrooms and kitchens are the biggest attractant of mold and mildew as this is where most of the water is in your home. Make sure that these rooms are well ventilated.

Following these easy tips will improve indoor air quality in your home. Indoor air quality testing is available if you wish to find out exactly what kind of air your home has. If you improve indoor air quality you may also see a significant difference in allergy symptoms and you or your family members. The removal of dust mites and other toxic substances will help to ensure everyone lives a healthier life.